Loot Crate – The Collectibles You Know You Want

The friendly folks over at LootCrate.com were nice enough to send us a box full of cool stuff. Is the collection worth the price of admission?


Read on to find out


We are pretty sure that most people love cool memorabilia if it is related to something they are a big fan of. Whether it’s movies, TV shows, video games, comics, or graphic novels, most folks would love to wear a t-shirt or drink from a coffee mug showing off their favorite series. We, as gaming journalists, and prior to this global pandemic, are invited to many different gaming events where cool swag is handed out freely to those in attendance. T-shirts, mouse pads, cool little pins and such are lying around our office bearing names like Destiny, Fallout, Resistance, Call of Duty, and more. Not everyone gets invited to these events, so how can you, the general public get your hands on the swag? The folks over at LootCrate.com want to help you with that. 

What’s a Loot Crate?

Founded in 2012, Loot Crate™, Inc. is the worldwide leader in fan subscription boxes. Loot Crate partners with industry leaders in entertainment, gaming, sports, and pop culture to deliver monthly themed crates, produce interactive experiences and digital content, and film original video productions. In its first five years, Loot Crate has delivered over 14 million crates to fans in 35 territories across the globe.

Pick the Crate For You

The best part about Loot Crate, other than the stuff inside each box, is that you get to pick the genre of the crate, and your price point, when you sign-up. They have several different tiers of pricing, and that determines how big your box is.



So Much Cool Stuff

We were sent a Saturday Morning Loot Crate DX box full of Looney Tunes stuff and we weren’t disappointed.  It came with a Looney Tunes tye-dye t-shirt, Hall of Justice mousepad, chip clips in the shape of Dino and Baby Puss from The Flinstones, a Schooled lapel pin, a Pinky & The Brain lunch box (which said it had plans to take over the world inside but didn’t. DAMNIT!), and a decent size figurine of the three birds from the Animaniacs. All were top quality products and made the box worth its price.

Where are the plans??!?

Looking through the many selections of boxes available, you may have an issue deciding which one you want to subscribe too, and that’s not a bad thing.

If you are looking for high quality collectibles, on a monthly basis, LootCrate.com rocks!



Louis Edwards

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