Top Handball Team PSG becomes Nacon’s official Partner for Handball 21

Handball 21 video game publisher becomes Paris Saint-Germain Handball’s official provider. Two of the club’s members, Nikola Karabatic and Mikkel Hansen, will be on the French and international box art of the game



Paris Saint-Germain Handball is pleased to welcome NACON as an official provider for the next two years. NACON and Eko software studio are back for a new edition of the handball simulation game, available on November 12 for PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC.
After four years, Eko Software returns with a new edition of the game that sets the standard for handball simulations, addressing to over 27 million federation members worldwide, including nearly 500,000 in France. Building on the studio’s experience in sports games, in-depth discussions with the fan community and input from Handball experts, Eko will deliver an ultra-realistic gaming experience.  With new animations, enhanced AI, new game modes and more official content than ever, players will experience all the emotions and sensations of their favorite sport with Handball 21.

David Talmat, Head of Marketing at NACON, says: “With Handball 21, we chose to partner with the best to mix entertainment and excellence. We are proud of this new partnership with the Paris Saint-Germain Handball, which succeeded in reaching the top of the European clubs with some of the greatest players. NACON has chosen two of the most iconic players, Nikola Karabatic and Mikkel Hansen, to be portrayed on the French and international box arts. Both helped the handball to become more popular than ever”.

Jean-Claude Blanc, Paris Saint-Germain’s Deputy General Manager, adds: “We are happy to welcome NACON as a partner. Paris Saint-Germain Handball is the new generation club. It shares the concerns of millions of players in the gaming community and delivers experiences close to our teams. Most of Paris Saint-Germain fans, in France but also worldwide like in Asia or in the US, are gamers, too. Thanks to this partnership, we’ll be able to talk to our youngest supporters, and explore new territories”.

With this new partnership, NACON wants to extend the fun beyond the video game by offering the chance to attend actual Paris Saint Germain Handball matches at Pierre de Coubertin stadium. Tickets for these matches can be won on the game’s Facebook page.

Handball 21 will be available on PS4™, Xbox One and PC November 12

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