Darksburg Brings Roguelite Zombie Action to PC on Sept. 23

Darksburg, the cooperative zombie roguelite action game from Northgard and Evoland studio Shiro Games, arises from Steam Early Access and launches version 1.0 on Sept. 23.



Darksburg’s 1.0 release brings fresh roguelite gameplay designed for challenging and endlessly replayable sessions teeming with undead hordes and nonstop action.

Darksburg – Trailer

After six months in Steam Early Access, Darksburg arrives with Outbreak, a new game mode that transforms the game into a true co-op roguelite. Assemble a team from one of four Survivors and fight through waves of shambling zombies, clearing the streets, completing objectives, and unlocking helpful new perks with each level gained. Scour procedurally-generated stages for powerful loot while synergizing attacks and abilities with your allies to stand a chance against the endless undead flood stalking cobbled streets.