Celebrities and Fighters Set to Clash in EA SPORTS UFC 4 Virtual Fight Card LIVE

UFC 4 is now available and you can see it in action on ESPN, ESPN2, YouTube and Twitch later today.

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To celebrate the launch of EA SPORTS UFC 4, fans can tune in tonight to the EA SPORTS UFC Virtual Fight Card. Coverage kicks off at 4:30 p.m. PT and will be broadcast on ESPN2, the ESPN App, the UFC YouTube and Twitch channels. Hosted by ESPN’s Mike Greenberg and Dianna Russini, the virtual fight card will feature UFC 4 matches between WWE Hall of Famers the Bella twins, EA SPORTS UFC 4 cover star Jorge Masvidal and entertainer Action Bronson, along with additional fights featuring heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, comedian Spice Adams, popular streamer Lirik, and more. 

The event will feature household names ranging from Marvel and The Wire actor Idris Elba, heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, popular Twitch streamer Lirik, the WWE’s favorite sisters, the Bella Twins, and UFC cover star Jorge Masvidal.  

Fight fans can tune in for the event beginning at 4:30 p.m. PT on ESPN2, the ESPN App or the official UFC YouTube or Twitch channels. The event will be hosted by ESPN’s Mike Greenberg and Dianna Russini. 

The most anticipated matches include the #BattleofBritain as Marvel actor Idris Elba takes on heavyweight champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury and the #BellaBattle that will see WWE Hall of Famers Nikki and Brie Bella break up their team to go head-to-head in the Octagon. UFC 4 cover star Jorge Masvidal will take on food enthusiast rapper Action Bronson in the #QueensVsMiami showdown and comedian Hannibal Buress will try his luck against former UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway in #PunchesVsPunchlines. Fans will also have the chance to watch popular Twitch streamer Lirik take on All Elite Wrestling’s Kenny Omega in the #TheCleanerVsTheStreamer battle, while social media stars Spice Adams and Ethan “Behzinga” Payne will wager their fanbase in the #FightForFollowers as the loser will have to encourage his fans to follow the winner. 

Full List of UFC 4 Match Ups

  • Ethan Payne vs. Spice Adams
  • Nikki Bella vs. Brie Bella
  • Lirik vs. Kenny Omega 
  • Hannibal Buress vs.Max Holloway
  • Jorge Masvidal vs. Action Bronson
  • Idris Elba vs. Tyson Fury