Awesome Games Studio is Taking Fury Unleashed to a Whole New Level

New video, exciting updates, and more!



Fury Unleashed–the action-packed, roguelike platformer set in the pages of a living comic book–launched on consoles and PC just last month. Since then, Awesome Games Studio has been hard at work, and this is the perfect time for anyone who took a pass on Fury Unleashed at launch to take a second look at this combo-driven, comic book adventure. Awesome Games Studio is thrilled to release a new, five-minute ‘Fury Unleashed-Explained’ video outlining all the exciting gameplay elements and hand-drawn art style featured in the game.

Watch the new video showcasing Fury Unleashed here:

Fury Unleashed is the perfect game for streamers on Twitch and Mixer. When the game is linked with a streaming service, players get to vote on what rewards come from in-game portals. Besides bonuses, there are challenges waiting for streamers who are brave enough to put their comic-book life in the hands of action-hungry viewers. For example, viewers get to choose if the next chapter gets easier or harder for the player!

But Awesome Games Studio isn’t stopping there! Local co-op mode was available at launch, but based on feedback from players, they’re working hard on an online co-op mode. We don’t have a release date for that fun feature yet, so stay tuned to news about Fury Unleashed to find out more.

With even more great content coming, Fury Unleashed is the combo-driven, comic book action hero gaming experience you won’t want to miss.