Week 4 of MLB The Show 20’s Challenge of the Week is Live

Week 4 of MLB The Show 20‘s Challenge of the Week updated this afternoon and as most of us were hoping for maybe Joey Gallo going up against one of the guys he’s facing the the current Players League, San Diego Studios decided on an interleague match-up.



This week’s challenge has Bryce Harper of the Phillies stepping into the batter’s box to face off against an All-Star from Toronto, Hyun-Jin Ryu.

Bryce is no slouch, and was the NL MVP back in 2015, so he’s pretty nifty to use as a hitter. There are some added bonuses you can achieve, so make sure you check these out before stepping up to the plate.

Good luck to all and be sure to tune in to the twitch feed of San Diego Studios to catch all of the Players League action.

Louis Edwards

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