MLB The Show 20 Has a New and Unadvertised Feature

MLB The Show 20 is in full swing, well for early release players, and we have a cool new feature that was never available before.

Read on to find out what we found

We are long time fans of MLB The Show, with our fandom going back to the original MLB game back in 1997. We are also huge baseball fans, so it should come as no surprise that Road to the Show has always been one of our favorite game modes. Starting in MLB The Show 2015, you could bring your RTTS players with you by importing them into the latest edition of the game, going back to MLB The Show 14. With that in mind, we created a Starting Pitcher (SP) back with MLB 14 and have since brought the fella along with us every year since.

Best Pitcher Ever?

How is he such a beast? Prior to MLB The Show 18 you could upgrade your players however you wanted by using training points which were pretty easy to earn, giving you ample opportunities to pump those attributes through the roof. We had him maxed out pretty quick back in MLB 14, and he was called up from AA to the Majors after only 5 AA Starts. He even helped the Cubs break the goat curse even before they did it in real life.

He wasn’t just a great starting pitcher, either, as he usually had 30 or more home runs per season. Sadly this wasn’t a tracked stat for pitchers until MLB The Show 18, so we have no idea how many he has actually hit in his long career. His batting attributes are still through the roof, albeit on a decline in some areas since last season, and that brings us to something new that has never happened before.

Two Way Player

Thanks to one of the latest imports from Japan, the impressive 2 way player Shohei Ohtani (SP, DH), real life Major League baseball has implemented a new rule that allows 2 way players to go around the other new rule that limits position players from pitching except in a few situations. These 2 way player mechanics, it turns out, also has an impact on RTTS pitchers who can swing a bat well: Introducing the Left Fielder, all time Win and Strike-out Leader – MY RTTS SP.

Did We Break it?

The first time it happened we thought we broke the game. We were like, OK, let’s play this out and see how it goes. We go 3-4 with a HR and a couple of RBI. We click ‘Play Next Game’ and we are once again in left field. We go 2-5 with a double and a couple more RBI. Next game we are used as a pinch hitter late and rip a double in the gap. Next game is our regular spot in the rotation and here we go as a SP. He pitches his regular spectacular game, exit out to the clubhouse because the series was over, and then he gets a couple off days and the cycle starts again. Left fielder, left fielder, PH, SP.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”13″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″]Don’t get us wrong, here. We aren’t complaining and we love the extra at bats our guy is now getting. Having a true 2 way RTTS player is pretty damn sweet!

Thank you Ohtani!