Will Popular Console Series Spawn Casino Spinoffs?

With the successful crossover of video game franchises into mobile gaming, could we find them being used in casino entertainment soon?



By now we’re fairly used to seeing major console games and series exploring alternative mediums. In the most exciting cases these days, this can mean a popular game making the foray in to VR. More commonly though, we see series scaled down to the mobile level, either through exact miniature versions of console games (as we see with, say, NBA 2K games) or by way of new game formats entirely (such as Lara Croft GO). At this point, there are several good examples of console-to-mobile adaptations, including some from franchises as big as Final Fantasy and Grand Theft Auto.

It’s always fun to see big titles like these pop up in mobile stores. However, in this age of adaptation and experimentation across mediums, it’s also interesting to consider where else some major gaming series might take their creativity. And we’ve reached a point at which the casino space might be a legitimate answer worth considering.

In the U.S., a lot of gamers hardly even consider this medium, because by and large it’s made unavailable by law. There are now some indications though, subtle as they may be, that casino games’ status could soon begin to change in this regard. Most significant is the fact that New Jersey has introduced legal online casinos to go alongside its much-hyped new sports betting activity. The best of these casinos feature all of the games you’d expect them to, including card, table, and slot experiences – and in that last category, there’s virtually limitless possibility for franchise and character appearances. Already, for instance, some casino sites’ slot collections include games based on the Hitman and Tomb Raider series. This makes it hard not to wonder what could come next.

If (and it is a big “if”) legal online casinos spread out successfully beyond New Jersey, there could be all the more incentive for developers to allow the production of slot arcades based on their best series. The games are relatively simple to produce compared to console and PC efforts, and they’d be at the forefront of an expanding category. They’d generate significant publicity, and undoubtedly bring more attention to the casino sites as well – a win-win for casino operators and development companies.

Just for starters, imagine how much fun could be made of slot games in line with some of these series….

Roller Coaster Tycoon

Roller Coaster Tycoon has been popular on various mediums for a very long time now, and would make for a terrific addition to slot selections based on the fact that there are some slot games already in which your slot reel results help you to build things in the background. Castle Builder is the most noteworthy example, and imagining something similar with Roller Coaster Tycoon is intriguing. Certain slot spin results could give you access to new features to add to a roller coaster or park, and you could potentially reap rewards accordingly.


Truth be told we could put any legendary fighting franchise here. But as we essentially covered a couple years ago, Tekken just keeps plugging along, even if it (arguably) gets less attention than the likes of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. It would be very cool to see a slot reel based on this franchise, with known combatants on the reels, and perhaps some fighting-style mini-games built in.

Grand Theft Auto

There are enough elements of this series to comprise a unique slot experience. For instance, reels could be packed with displays of known characters from across the series, a few special cars or other vehicles, and other things of this nature. Bonuses could give you access to new environments in the background. Perhaps there could even be a police chase element worked in. Whatever the specifics, this is also a natural fit for the category because the latest GTA games have built an association with casino entertainment already, through their own in-game casinos.

Final Fantasy

As with Tekken, this series would just have a lot to offer through the familiarity of some characters, and the strong nostalgia factor that would appeal to gamers. Additionally though, we can’t help but feel that the folks behind Final Fantasy could likely produce one of the most beautiful slot games on the market.

Super Mario

Not all that long ago, we thought of Super Mario as being essentially off-limits for adaptations and new categories. In recent years though, we’ve seen this franchise embrace the mobile medium, with some success. Nintendo has profited greatly from its foray into mobile gaming, actually, though to be fair most of the revenue has reportedly come from Fire Emblem Heroes rather than Mario titles. Nevertheless, success in the mobile arena might make Nintendo more willing to experiment in the near future. So, while this one still feels like the longest of long shots, we have to note that a Super Mario slot reel would be incredibly interesting.

Whether or not any games like these come to fruition probably depends on whether or not casino sites are in fact allowed in more areas beyond New Jersey. There is some hope of that happening, however, and if it does it feels very likely that it would result in some exciting new games from major series.