Maingear Classic Backpack Review – Padded Pockets Everywhere

Maingear recently sent us one of their new classic backpacks to try out, and we were not disappointed.



The PC company Maingear is best known for their high end PC systems that are generally made with components that are on the leading edge of the latest PC technology. Their machines can come in many flavors and sizes that can include top names like Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA. They don’t just sell PCs, though, as they also sell backpacks, gaming chairs, and other PC accessories. We took their classic backpack on a trip to Monterrey recently, and loaded it up with the essential items we might need for our journalistic endeavors. Even our old laptop felt snug and secure in it.

Padded Pockets for Everything

The first thing we noticed is that the backpack is made with some durable material. With water resistant zippers and water resistant material, we felt comfortable storing all of our electronics in it, even when venturing out into rainy weather. Winters here in Northern California can get pretty wet, so that’s definitely a good thing.

As we started laying out everything we wanted to take, we realized that this backpack could hold a bunch of stuff. The main compartment has 3 padded pockets on the rear and there’s another pocket facing those on the front part. The rear most pocket is not only padded, but also covered with a velvet type of material that allowed our older 15.6″ Gateway laptop to slide right in there with no issues. The pocket just in front of that was a perfect fit for our iPad in its case, and then our PS Vita slid right into the outermost pocket. The padding between the pockets is also pretty thick so we felt our screens would be safe, barring any major calamities of course.

Outer Pockets for Cables and Etc.

The outside of the backpack also has another pocket on the front for any of your extra accessories or charging cables you may need, small notebooks for taking notes, and even a couple of pen slots for your favorite writing utensils. We always carry a power strip with us and the inside main pocket had ample room for that and for the laptops power cord, so we had extra room in the front pocket for items for the Vita.

Hidden Gem from Tile

Hidden somewhere on the backpack (we won’t say where) is a pocket designed for a Tile tracker and the backpack comes with its own Tile already inside. For those that don’t know what that is, it is a Bluetooth enabled tracker that will help you find your backpack or alert you if you left it behind (premium Tile feature). For more info on what Tile can do for you, check out their website.

Maingear may be well known for their PCs, but folks shouldn’t sleep on their other products. The Classic Backpack is one that is well worth the $99US price tag as it can not only carry your electronics, it may help you find them later.


Louis Edwards

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