TechSpecs Announces Launch of Platform That Uses AI to Tell gamers if Their PC Can Run a Game

It can sometimes be a challenge to determine if a game is compatible with the computer a potential player would like to install it on. TS are coming to the rescue with a new platform and Chrome extension that quickly answers this question.

There are few things more frustrating for a gamer than to be very excited about a new game only to download it and have it not run properly on their computer.  The money and time wasted, plus disappointment involved can truly be a headache.  The good news is TS, who have already built a solid reputation for themselves developing a smart search engine for technical specifications, are tackling the problem head-on, with a new platform and Chrome extension that will tell a user if a game is compatible with their system or not.  The excitement surrounding the project is high.“We know this will bring a great deal of value to many gamer’s lives and save them wasted time, energy, and resources,”  commented a spokesperson from TS.  “Our goal is to deliver as much value as possible and become an integral part of the game-shopping community.”>TS previously successfully closed a funding round from investors backing the new arm of their company.In addition to the platform and extension for the Chrome browser, TS CIRI is also fully integrated with the Steam store to show if a PC can run a specific game or not in real time as the user browses the store – a feature that is sure to be a dream come true for Steam users worldwide.

Currently, TS is geared for local PC, Games, and Software with plans to introduce new product categories like electronics, automobiles, and much more in the near future.Early feedback from users has been very positive.
Peter C., from San Francisco, recently said in a five-star review, “I don’t have the latest laptop so TS CIRI is a huge help for me when I game shop.  Fully recommended!”
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