Try Out the The Crew 2: Road Trip BINGO Challenge in the Open Beta This Weekend

In celebration of the open beta (happening now until June 25 at 1 am PT on Xbox One, PS4 and PC), welcome to the new American Road Trip!

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The USA is your motorsports playground with more than 2,000 square miles to explore. It’s a huge place with varied terrain and weather systems, with urban and natural landscapes waiting to be discovered.

So where to start? Back in the day, before the internet and cell phones, families had to entertain themselves on road trips for hours. One of those games was Road Trip Bingo, where you’d cross certain places, icons, or vehicles off your board when you spotted them along the route, and the goal was to see as many items as possible.

Ubisoft has recreated this same Road Trip Bingo Challenge game for you with The Crew® 2 Twist, highlighting some notable sites and activities you can only do in this unique open world driving game to help create a memorable adventure.

There are only a few rules:

  • Play all the opening events at the four motorsport headquarters and at least one event of each discipline there. This will allow you to start collecting vehicles immediately.
    • Street Racing HQ – Los Angeles
    • Pro Racing HQ – New York City
    • Freestyle HQ – Big Bend National Park in the South
    • Off-Road HQ – Monument Valley in the Midwest
  • Achieve fame level two to open up more events and earn in-game currency to purchase new vehicles and customize them or your avatar.
  • We did not list the exact locations of some of the places – it’s up to you to go out and explore. You can do any activity in any order. It’s not about the destination – it’s about the journey getting there. Have fun!

Please share your most memorable and crazy moments and use the #TheCrew2. 3 BINGO cards are below:

Louis Edwards

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