Steep – Road to the Olympics Review: On the Slopes Going for Gold

The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games are upon us and what better way to try out some of the events than in the newest DLC for Steep, Ubisoft’s open world snow filled sandbox game?

Is it worth your time and hard earned cash, or should you leave the snow boots in the closet?

Read on to find out

Steep was first released in December of 2016 and has since seen a couple of expansions, adding a jetpack to a wing suit, sledding, and more to the already fun filled aspects of winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, and para-gliding. The latest expansion, Steep – Winter Games, now adds mountains from Japan and Korea to the mix and gets you set for the Olympics in PyeongChang, Korea.

There was already a bunch of stuff to do in the game, but now you can take off on the road to the Olympics by qualifying in Japan and then taking your skills to Korea to go for the Gold in one of many categories. You can fly through the sky in a Big Air event or speed down a course in the Super G event, or you can channel your inner Shaun White and hit the half pipe on a snowboard. These are just 3 of the 9 different disciplines to test your skills at.

Along your journey, you’ll be able to watch video from past and future Olympians and Olympic coaches as they tell you how they have reached their point in their life, and also give you some tips to help you out along the way. These are real folks and not just made up video game characters. It gives the game a nice touch of authenticity and adds nicely to the overall experience.

Steep was already a gorgeous game with plenty to do and one of our favorites to date. It’s awesome that Ubisoft took the extra time to add in an Olympic experience that wasn’t just a shallow knock-off, but an in-depth look at how some of the real world athletes and coaches achieved their status, and real world events to test the skills of any snow sports enthusiast. If you want to shred the slopes and earn some gold, this expansion is ready and waiting for you.

Good luck to all of the real world Olympians on the slopes and on the ice at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.


Steep – Road to the Olympics review code provided by publisher and reviewed on a PS4 Pro. For more information on scoring, please read: What our review scores really mean.