Morphite Review – Things Better Left Unplayed

Morphite, the atmospheric exploration sci-fi FPS from Crescent Moon Games, Blowfish Studios, and We’re Five Games, is out now available for PlayStation 4 but the question is, should you care.

You are Myrah Kale. In this universe there is a substance called Morphite that is supposed to be the rarest and most valuable of all the resources in existence. That sentence is the most interesting part of the entire game. This game has tons of bugs, the story is boring to the point of falling asleep, and the voice acting is beyond sub-par.

Let’s start with Morphite. They build this substance up as if owning just a small amount of it would lead you to be rich and/or powerful beyond comprehension. The first piece you get gives you a weapon upgrade and consequent pieces don’t make up for that failure. Each piece does give your main character some sort of visions that show the history of the universe. None of them lead to anything interesting or develop the story in a way that makes the game even remotely interesting.

The graphics aren’t a big selling point for the game so I won’t rip on them too bad, but they are bad. The problem isn’t with how the game looks, but rather all of the bugs. You constantly fall through rocks and get stuck in places. The game crashes every once in a while and when you are flying your space ship it is very clunky.

Almost everything that is said in the game is voiced by someone, but it is almost like they played the game and were so bored by it, they had no enthusiasm left. The music is actually pretty good. Not absolutely mesmerizing, but definitely one of the better parts of the game.

Overall, this game seemed unfinished and did not even try to keep me enthralled enough to want to play through it.


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