Thrustmaster & Frontier Announce T.16000M Flight Stick with Elite Dangerous Arena Bundle


The most precise joystick in its category, the T.16000M by Thrustmaster, bundled with Elite Dangerous Arena for a unique experience.

By offering a bundle including the T.16000M and Elite Dangerous Arena, Thrustmaster and Frontier Developments plc are continuing their joint actions with the aim of providing players with increasingly immersive experiences.


 A deep-space flight experience:

A complete pack enabling players to participate in epic spaceship battles, akin to gladiators from the future: this is what Thrustmaster is offering with the T.16000M + Elite Dangerous Arena pack. To stand undefeated in the Elite Dangerous Arena battles, pilots can rely on the T.16000M’s unique features, such as its extreme precision, based on the H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect Accurate Technology™) technology, which uses magnetic sensors to deliver precision 256 times superior to conventional systems. The game can be downloaded using the voucher included in the T.16000M’s box*. The scratchable area contains a unique code, valid until September 30, 2017, granting players access to the Elite Dangerous game’s Arena section. Arena features 4 combat spaceships, tactical options that can be unlocked according to leaderboard rankings, 4 combat arenas and battles opposing up to 8 players. This bundle pack also includes the tactical paint-pack which contains 6 different paintjobs for the Faulcon deLacy Cobra Mk III spaceship which can be used in the main Elite Dangerous game to upgrade your ship.


The keys to victory:

The T.16000M is a successful product, and a perfect addition to the Thrustmaster genuine Flight Sim ecosystem. This extremely precise joystick boasts a futuristic design suited to all flight simulation games. It is also ambidextrous, which will delight both right-handed and left-handed pilots. It features remarkably complete equipment, with 16 action buttons, 4 independent axes including a rudder controlled by rotating the stick, an ergonomic trigger, a multidirectional hat, a wide hand rest and a weighted base. In addition to efficiency and accuracy, it also offers ideal comfort, thanks to its unique design. The T.16000M is compatible with the T.A.R.G.E.T (Thrustmaster Advanced pRogramming Graphical EdiTor) software, which enables players to combine multiple products from the Thrustmaster Flight Sim ecosystem so that they are recognized as a single device on which game-specific mappings can be configured.


*To use the voucher code and download and install Elite Dangerous Arena, players are required to register on