Pokemon Go: Newest Tricks and Tips by NordVPN


7 New Tricks for Pokemon Go: Trending Now

Pokemon Go keeps growing in popularity every day, and the knowledge on how to outsmart the other players is one of the most fun parts of the game for many.

NordVPN shares some new handy tricks that every smart Pokemon catcher is now discovering.

1)   Geo – Spoofing

Geo-spoofing means tricking your phone¹s GPS locator so that Pokemon Go thinks you are in a different location or even country – for example, that you are catching rare Pokemons in Alaska, while you are actually at home on your couch. Methods used in geo-spoofing involve running a rootkit that takes control of Android¹s operating system. You can set distance, your speed and location.

2)   Pokemon maps

Some users have created Pokemon maps by reverse-engineering server traffic, and they have shared this information in forums. As a result, now there are Pokemon maps available in the app store, even if the game maker, Niantic Inc., has never offered an interface for users.

3)   Pokemon Go Bots

One of the hottest topics in the forums are Pokemon Go bots. The bots do the job of a Pokemon hunter – you. They are little robots that travel on Pokemon maps and collect Pokemons they find.

4)   Using a VPN  to overcome a soft ban

If you are using bots to play Pokemon Go, you might be currently experiencing a soft ban from the game¹s developer. It happens if you are using several bots on the same computer – the same IP address. Your IP might get banned temporarily. The solution is to use a VPN (that changes your IP address) together with geo-spoofing (that changes your GPS location), making sure your IP address matches your geo-location. NordVPN has military-grade security and keeps no logs, making sure no one will be able to track your IP address.

5)   The Pokemon Egg Incubator

Do you have a ceiling fan? Than you can easily use Pokemon Egg Incubator. Simply attach your phone to the fan by using some basic techniques, and voilà, you can now relax at home, while Pokemon Go is convinced your are out for a walk.

6)   The Poke Ball Thrower

Sometimes it¹s not easy to precisely throw a ball in order to catch a Pokemon with the first attempt. Don¹t worry, help is arriving. Simply follow these instructions to create your own ball throwing machine that will allow you to catch Pokemons with more precision. All that you¹ll need is a cardboard box and some sticky notes.

7)   Battery Pack

You are not a real Pokemon fighter if your battery runs out just when you¹re about to catch that rare Pokemon – and Pokemon Go is known to drain your battery pretty fast. So make sure you get an extra battery pack, such as Anker PowerCore 10000.

It¹s important to use these tricks wisely in order not to get a perma-ban from the game¹s developer, Niantic Inc. Most importantly, don¹t forget to stay safe while playing – make sure you are not installing a fake Pokemon Go app that might contain malware, and be careful of P2P downloads. You can read Pokemon Go safety tips on NordVPN¹s blog.

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