MLB The Show 16 Devs Acknowledge Online Issues and Give Free Stuff



Have you played MLB The Show 16 online? The developers may have a little something for you.

The launch for MLB the Show 16 could have went better as there were more than a few online issues causing folks to freeze, crash and lose games. As long time fans of the series, we were a little surprised with these issues. Developer SCE San Diego Studio has always done a pretty good job with the franchise so it’s odd that they had any online issues this go round.

That being said, the developers want us to know that they are working on the issues, have already released one patch with more in the works, and are giving everyone that has played the game, while logged into the PSN before 1 pm PDT, Friday, April 8: 5,000 stubs and 10 standard packs. Stubs will show up automatically by Tuesday, April 12; no redemption required. Packs can be accessed in the “Open Packs” section by Tuesday, April 12 (via “Main Menu > My Locker > Inventory > Open Packs”).

Have you had any issues online? Has the first patch helped you out? Let us know in the comments below.