Hitman Episode 1 Review – Death in a Tuxedo


Hitman has returned in an episodic adventure and is heading to Paris in Episode 1. Should you go with him? Read our review to find out.We recently went hands-on with the Hitman Beta and were fully in favor of it. The first installment of Hitman takes you through the training process and teaches you not only the many ways available to kill, but allows you to choose your method of death. Your handlers are more than impressed with your abilities, but also come to realize that, if they cross you, you could take them out just as easily as you eliminate targets for them at the International Contract Agency. My advice, don’t cross Agent 47. Ever.

Your first real assignment for the ICA is a pair of targets in Paris that have a list of MI6 agents for sale to the highest bidder. You need to eliminate both, with extreme prejudice, and can use any of the many methods available to you. The location for the contract is a fashion show being held at a high end location, with a very open layout that gives you multiple opportunities and methods of execution.


Level design is perfect for this type of game play. Not only does it look great, but it’s also open enough to allow you to follow your targets as needed, and gives you enough disguise options to stay blended within the crowd. The tuxedo you start out with might be some sharp looking threads, but it will only get you through the door. Getting to the other needed areas will require “borrowing” clothes from someone else, and you can’t just leave half-naked folks lying around in your wake, so be sure to stuff that corpse/body out of the way somewhere. You don’t have to kill someone to take their clothes, so there’s no need to go medieval and kill everyone you come in contact with.

Hitman Episode 1 can be played rather quickly if one wants, but that’s not where typically how you want to experience the world of Hitman. Taking your time, exploring as many options as possible, and then  executing a flawless plan, gives this game quite a bit more meat to it. The replayability factor for the episode is very high as well as there are quite a few challenges available for you to try to fulfill. Completionists are in for some serious work if they want to complete everything available, so don’t expect a cake walk.


For even more challenging gameplay, you can enter Contract Mode, where you can create a variety of missions that targets any non-playable character in the game. You can even choose method of execution for an even harder task. Contracts are also available for you to take a stab at, with user generated and developer contracts ready and waiting. How well can you stack up against folks on your friends list or folks from around the world? Can you be stealthy and fast, or will you just take your time? The choice is up to you. The developer will also be dropping in live updates that will add new targets in Escalation mode that will get harder and harder as you progress along.

The Hitman series has been around for a long time, and the wait for a new title is finally over. Longtime fans of the series won’t be disappointed, and those of you new to the series are in for a welcome treat.

Hitman Episode 1 might be short on story, but it’s long on action and choices and we can’t wait until the next episode drops.