Light Fall Preview – Platforming in the Shadows


We have been playing a preview build of Bishop Games’ Light Fall and this is looking like a dark platformer with a lot of potential.

In Light Fall you’ll venture into Numbra, a world shrouded in darkness, and manipulate the mysterious Shadow Core to create platforms beneath your feet, solve puzzles, and protect yourself from the dangers of the environments and creatures within. Light Fall is a journey that rewards not only quick reflexes, but the curiosity and ingenuity of the player.


The Shadow Core offers many possibilities to the players.

  • It can act as a shield to block incoming damage
  • It’s a mobile platform that you control at will
  • It can disarm traps, solve puzzles and unlock doors
  • It can be a counterweight in leverage situations
  • It can become a self-made wall to side jump
  • You can also move it around aimlessly and contemplate life.

The level we encountered was full of deadly pitfalls and crystals that would kill you with the slightest touch, so quick fingers were required to reach the end. The use of the shadow core added in a way that was not only unique, but ingenious as it added to the depth of the gameplay. 2D side-scrolling platformers are very common these days so anytime someone can add to the genre, it’s a welcome addition. It will be interesting to see how the puzzles will grow and how much thought it will take to complete them as the game gets farther along.

The game is currently being created for the PC and MAC, but the developers do want to port over to the consoles with the PS Vita getting first dibs. This feels like a game well suited for the Vita and I could easily see me whiling away the hours on the powerful little handheld. Talks of speed runs with leaderboards is also very intriguing and I hope that is something that comes to fruition sooner rather than later.

The game is currently on Kickstarter and is almost half way to its goal. This is a fun little platformer that is not only pretty to look at, but easy on the ears and we can only hope it surpasses its goal and makes it to all of the intended platforms.