Evolve Review – The Beast is on the Loose

2k and Turtle Rock Studios have come together to make Evolve, a monster hunting thriller with a simple format that leaves many pondering if this strategic thriller is worth the initial price tag.

Read our review to find out

In Evolve, a monster competes against four hunters to survive on a map filled with more than just bullets and bombs. The player first chooses whether they want to embark on their journey as the monster or as the hunters. When choosing the beast, one must feed to evolve and make it to the end by killing all the hunters or completing the objective of the current game mode. Slashing, climbing, fire breathing, rock throwing action can be expected from the multiple monsters that roam the maps. Traps can be set and with enough skill the monster can even get the hunters to use their own weapons against themselves and finish in victory, but often times it is retreat that is the smartest strategy.


On the other side, the hunters consist of a Trapper, Healer, Assault, and Support teams. Cooperation and patience is necessary to follow, trap and kill the ever fleeing beasts. With other wildlife around, killing more than just the monster can add “buffs” that temporarily boost your player’s skills for the entirety of the match. This adds a second hunting feature to the match that allows for a bit of depth into a somewhat linear game. Each character has four abilities that can be used to complete the ultimate objective, but each player must ask themselves if they have what it takes to work as a team and destroy the monster.

The Trapper class consists of three characters meant for stopping the monster from disappearing from sight and evolving further. All three characters have different weapons that serve a multiple purposes when facing the monster, yet all Trappers share the mobile arena ability. The mobile arena is a canister thrown out that applies a force field holding the monster from leaving the area of the hunters and allowing the hunters to deal prime damage.


Assault is used for its normal purpose, damage and destruction. Once the monster is found it is up to the assault class to cause as much damage as possible and to stay alive. Each character sharing an ability that allows a brief burst of invincibility and is mighty useful when being savagely attacked by the many dangers that plaque the map.

Healing is necessary and is solely up to one character, but one can find the medic to have a much more impacting role on the overall hunt. With the Medic’s use of long range weaponry and guns determined to strike life back into the hearts of hunters, the medic cannot be overlooked. A bursting orb of health that is useful when close to multiple hunters is the shared ability by all medics in the class and it is always in your best interest to keep the medic alive at all costs.


Support is the last and final hunter needed to take down the monster. Dealing damage and supporting the other hunters, each specific character has its own unique abilities that aid or enhance the abilities of the ones around them. A brief burst of invisibility to the player and all other players close enough and can be used by each member of the support team.

When it comes to graphics and animation Turtle Rock Studios left none to the imagination. The monsters appear as terrifying as they are meant to be and at times can have the hunters jumping in their chairs when the beautiful portrayal of big game hunting comes to life. The one part of this game that I thoroughly enjoyed was the size of each map. The great distance allows for a true hunting feature that leaves the player feeling like they have just completed a hunt or are constantly on the verge of being hunted, just do not get lost in graphics along the way.

Whether you are playing Evolve solo in a custom match or with a full team, there is no questioning that this game is simplicity at its finest. Applying different strategies to each match can allow the same characters on the same map hours of fun to the most cooperative of minds, but those who want to venture off on their own might have a much harder time grasping the point of this game. Grab your best four friends, pick a character and hunt. Shoot, heal, contain, support or feast your way to victory.

Happy Hunting.