The Adventures of the Alpha Wulf Pack: Crota’s End Episode 4


The adventures of the Destiny Clan The Alpha Wulf Pack continues right where they left off in episode 3. (Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3)

Crota’s End continues after the jump.


Crota Raid Pt4: Just Gimme some Feckin armor this time.

“Are we ready?” asked squad leader Wulfy.

The six guardians stood in Crota’s final arena, in the crystal room. The green glow of the crystal changed to red as the “Presence of Crota” affected us all.

We had individually done this bit several times with other teams and learned many differing tactics. Practicing together, we had hit upon a foolproof plan.

“So explain again” said Mitch, his scientific mind searching for Keys, Triggers and Flaws in all things Destiny related.

Wulfy would descend into the raid alone. Once in, the other five would join and be revived, ONLY by Wulfy. We would then activate the crystal and, with the two Titans throwing a Flashbang down each corridor, decimate the Acolytes and their Knight twins. Once cleared, Wulfy would land atop the shelf above the doors and go into his network setting on the PS4 and deselect “Connect to the Internet” at the critical time. That being when Crota was on one knee.
The remaining guardians took their posts, where the boomers couldn’t reach them.
Mitch was on Boomer eradication duty whilst Burtt, Weard, Louis (AKA) and Leathal took down Crota.

We had ironed out most of the bugs and didn’t even need the chalice to set things off.

“No one gan an stand in fronta me when I let loose one of these bad boys” said Burtt loading his recently synthed ammo into his rocket launcher.

(By the way: for the worldwide audience – Burtt has been told he sounds like Scotty from the original Star Trek Series. For anyone in the UK – he sounds like a normal Geordie. Go figure.)

“No one move AT ALL when shooting Crota” reminded Wulfy “and only one person says “Now” when he’s down”.

With that said and done, the guardians prepared.

“Boomers left” said Mitch as Ice Breaker cracked a round through a knights skull.
“Ready” said Wulfy.

The exhaust trails of five rockets could be seen flying across the arena. Crota reeled and the rockets hit him in quick succession.

The Shield failed.

He knelt down.

“Now”, “Down”, “Got Him”, “Kneeling” said four guardians in unison.

‘Wulfy has left the party’ up came the PSN Notification.
Five seconds later, Crota was still kneeling.
‘Wulfy has left your fireteam’ Bungie servers informed us.
‘Wulfy has joined your party’ “Did we do it”.
“Aye” replied a pleased Burtt.

The Team switched.

Leathal was now sniping and the rest were on Sword Bearer and Shield dropping duties as Mitch had used a sword once and had the most health (as well as a self resurrecting Warlock). He leaped forward and ran for the chalice and lured over the Sword Bearer. A flurry of projectiles took him down in seconds.

Mitch took up the Sword and ran for the left ledge.

“Take it down” he said and soared up from the ledge towards Crota.
Crota’s shield disappeared and Mitch spammed the trigger to deliver pounding after pounding into Crota and watched his health diminish and just as his super appeared, the sword disappeared.

“Feck. The Feckin Swords gone” Mitch retreated, obvioulsly frustrated.

“Into the cave”said Wulfy “The Ogres will be coming”

“Ya glitch Crota, Yee get the Ogres” laughed Burtt.

The Ogres were dispatched in quick fashion and the Chalice was swapped about so much, we had two of them.

The team returned to their positions.
The Sword Bearer, blinded by Burtt’s flashbang was easy pickings as Louis (AKA) got the final shot.
Again Mitch was away.
Again the rockets fired.
Again Crota’s shield disappeared.
Again and again and again, the trigger button was spammed.

Down jumped a Sword Knight and landed with a lurch, he eyed Mitch and before stepping forward, he looked up. He didn’t see anything. especially the ice Breaker round that exploded his head, but Louis (AKA) did. It WAS his after all.

It seemed and age but after several seconds Crota crumbled and the ads vanished.

“What’s Thunderlord” said Burtt as the rewards dropped.

“Time to play “Grab the Chalice” whilst we wait for the mythical end of raid reward screen” said Wulfy.

“Can’t catch me” said a cocky Mitch, looking at the other guardians on the far side of the arena.
Mitch also saw (for a brief second) “Square to take the chalice” as Leathal appeared from nowhere to fly away, chalice in hand and laughter exuding from his microphone.

A few minutes later, the mythical screen appeared and the rewards “Squares” did their thing and the guys waited with a mix of excitement and trepidation.

“The amount of times we went to orbit after kicking Atheon’s butt” Mitch laughed at his own ignorance.
“Tell me about it” agreed Wulfy.
We watched as the rewards were finally revealed.

“Nothin. Nothin for anyone. What the Feck” said Mitch.
“Nae wonder people gan tae orbit if that’s what yer get fr hangin roond” quipped burtt.
“At least Weard didn’t get his hands on Crota’s “Non hard” crotch” laughed louis (AKA)

If you put in the hard work, you get rewards.
If you cheese crota, you get what you get.

We didn’t even know there was a rewards screen and we have completed the vault – A LOT.

You can get rewards (we finally did about a week later) and it was “No land beyond” for Wulfy (or an Exotic Shard as he puts it!)