The Adventures of The Alpha Wulf Pack: Crota’s End Episode 3


The adventures of the Destiny Clan The Alpha Wulf Pack continues right where they left off in episode 2. (Episode 1 can be found here)

Crota’s End continues after the jump.


The Bosom of Ir Yut

The bridge at our backs, the guardians surveyed the scene. Ammo drops aplenty, although most of these were Special Ammo & practically useless for our Post Xur Sale Ice Breakers. You could hear the glee as someone found +2 heavy behind a column.

“Lets get some heavy ammo from the Ads and wipe” advised Wulfy, “there’s only about a minute to do this next bit and were already on the clock.”

The plan was:

I was to sprint ahead as only Wulfy and I had been through the raid fully. The rest of the squad would take out the shriekers.

The guardians around me dived into their menu’s and equipped their heavy slots with their best rocket launchers or synthed before returning to their primary weapons for the oncoming blood bath.

“Ok? Lets go,” and squad leader Wulfy kicked us off.

A walking wall of guardians ascended the stairs, firing as they moved, taking the thralls to pieces. Left into the corridor, enemies fell before the storm of bullets. The first wave decimated, the guardians ran forward to collect the ammo drops & all fell back to the doorway. All of us that is, save one.

“Burtt, if you fall back, they come to you & all the drops will be in one place,” said Wulfy tiredly.

“Aye, I know that,” Burtt replied. “I saw us all run and thought we were going for it.”

Ammo supplies replenished, the guardians stepped into the path of the oncoming hoard and the countdown of failure ticked.

During the “who did what” screen – Wulfy calmly said, “This time we do it.”

We spawned, the squad switching to heavy as I sped forward and then left. I leaped above the first wave of thralls and more by luck than judgement, watched the first salvo of rockets pass me by to eradicate the first shrieker.

Haste and my objective meant that there was no time to turn around and see what was going on behind me.

I heard gunfire, explosions, thrall screams and rockets being launched.

The second shrieker fired at me but I managed to move in time to avoid the full blast. I took the racing line on the curve and jumped over another wave of thralls and with the door in sight I ran forward.

Or so I thought.

I was caught, trapped, unable to move forward and thralls were all around me. As the thralls laid into my pinned guardian, I managed to look down to ascertain what was blocking my progress before I died.


Although there was a bone on the floor and my first thought was, “Destiny had bungie’d me again”. (I was wrong)

The second attempt I was airborne for the second section and thought I had it in the bag, but I still could not go any further.

The second shrieker was not down and I was stuck to the shield like a Garfield in a car.

We stopped to discuss our tactics.

We decided our tactics were fine but we tweaked the timings.

We started, they fired and moved forward once the shrieker was down in perfect harmony. As they ran forward, so did I.

As I saw the second shrieker, sailing over the heads of my teammates, their rockets flying below my feet explode, I knew we had this. It was then that the abilities of a Titan changed my mind.
My glide landed me about two steps away from falling in the hole. Instinct told me I would have to run about three steps before I could initiate another full jump successfully. Deep down I knew if I jumped again, I would trigger the next save point (wrong again). So I ran round the hole to watch the door close in my face.
The “Bosom of Ir Yut”, a chest Weard would not get his hands on today (one of his jokes – not mine).

“Its closed” I shouted “Wipe”. We had discussed wiping back at the bridge. We run back out the door up to the bridge and jump into the chasm. (Yes, none of us had noticed that the door was closed after the first wipe)

So as a team we turned and headed back for the door to the bridge.
Or so we thought.
As i turned, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Burtt leap down the hole to the next save point (or so we thought, wrongly again).
“Burtt has dropped down the hole and triggered the savepoint,” I said.

In Burtt’s defense, he saw a hole that many guardian had fallen into during the lamps section and died. Also, looking at the level technically, if the trigger was falling down the hole, you could re-run this section until you got it and that would just be easy. (Yes, I know. We failed)

So for a few minutes, Burtt was ostracized by the group for doing nothing wrong. So we all jumped down the hole and regrouped.

Onto the Diva

“Last time we lured out and killed the wizards, then ran in and killed Ir Yut, then fell back and killed everything else from outside,” advised Wulfy. He split us into squads of three, Him, Leathal and Louis (AKA) on one side and Me, Burtt and Weard on the other.

I ran, turned right and up the stairs into the corridor and let loose on the wizard.
“God damn it” I heard – GUARDIAN DOWN – WIPE

2nd Run:

I come out of the corridor with a slightly annoyed wizard on my tail. I saw Burtts Titan up on the ledge, ready to unleash hellon my pursuer. as I evaded the knights I saw Wulfy on a similar trajectory, heading over the three guardian on his side.

Weard was on the wrong side, but it didn’t matter. The comms chatter informed me they already knew this and were compensating.

The left wizard went first and Burtt and I pummeled the right wizard. more fire flew in from the other side and it was down too.

Burtt switched to his heavy machine gun and fired two short bursts, one into the head of each knight by the door. They changed stance to return fire on their attacker. As they did, I slipped round their flank and ran in through the door unimpeded.

(Wulfy was slipping through unnoticed using his invisible Hunter on the opposite side)

My newly leveled up “Hunger” in hand, I let loose two rounds in quick succession. I felt elated, Burtt had watched my back so well I didn’t even have one knight to contend with. so I ha full health and was ready to run to kill “Ir Yut”.

I was about to tell Burtt of his outstanding achievements, but instead, I watched as several balls of blue light leaped though the air towards my very stationary guardian.

Instead of “Nice on Burtt”, from me they heard “Oh, Sh” GUARDIAN DOWN “erm, the shriekers down on the right”.

After 5 seconds of shame and self pity, I started to relay enemy positions to the team.

From the other side of the shard room, Leathal soared through the door effortlessly, (as usual) to land atop a doorway & opened fire on “Ir Yut”. Wulfy was being revived on the far side by Louis (AKA) and Weard had let loose a few “Gally” rounds. As Burtt revived me “Wizards down” was the cry and we all turned heels to recover and regroup.

Outside we laid waste to knights, thralls, acolytes and cursed aplenty. Whilst slaughtering countless enemies, the usual “Kiling the bad guys” chatter resumed and “What happened to me” tales were told. But we still hadn’t finished.

Now you may have noticed in the accounts to date – Leathal does no get to talk much. He can – he just doesn’t in real life. He speaks quite happily if you ask him something and occasionally joins in conversations. Occasionally.

So when Leathal speaks under the chatter of the rest of the group, he is hard to hear, but we heard him.

“There’s two knight with boomers in the room shooting at us,” he said.

We had worked out that the thralls, acolytes, cursed and sword bearing knights all respawned but killing them had finished the level in the past.

“Leathals right, they’re the trigger.” As I said this, Leathal and I leaped from the platform in unison and set off for the far doorway.

Again, as usual, Leathal makes all other players look like they have the Weight of Darkness x2 when you run alongside him.

I say alongside, because that’s where you are at the start, within seconds you are somehow far behind him. As I came around the bend of the corridor, I saw Leathal “Vexing” the first boomer wielding knight.. I joined in and mid reload watched his head pop.

This encounter had of course, got the attention of the second boomer knight. He turned to face us on the far side of the shard.

We aimed and fired, but so did he. Leathal dodged the first blast as I unloaded a clip into his head. there was a brief second when neither Leathal nor I could get a shot off and the knight ceased reeling. He changed his stance to fire and I was still reloading.

Four guardians appear over his shoulder, lit briefly in arc flame as Burtt decimates any resistance in the doorway.

We aimed, we fired, he died and as his head exploded, the rewards appeared.

“Who got Thunderlord?” I asked.

“Me” beamed Burtt