The Adventures of The Alpha Wulf Pack: Crota’s End Episode 2


The adventures of the Destiny Clan The Alpha Wulf Pack continues right where they left off.

Crota’s End continues after the jump.


The guardians stood and admired the view.
The central pad unlit, the annihilator totems silent and not a thrall in sight.
We enjoyed it whilst we could, as we knew, once we stepped onto that middle plate, all hell would break loose.

Silverwulfy ran us through the gameplan.

“Two on the left, two on the right and two in the centre. We take down the Sword Bearer and file over the bridge one at a time.

Once the first three are over, they will take control of the bridge from the other side and the remaining three can head back up the stairs to the spawn point and relative safety.
When all six of us are together, we kill the wizards and the ogres & then onto the second chest”

Burtt and Mitch manned the right pad, Louis (AKA ) and Wulfy the left and Weard and Leathal in the centre.


The thralls, clicking as they climbed up, behind us, from the abyss (before exploding).
Headshots abound and the thralls popping and lighting up the arena like the 4th of July.
The Sword Bearer sauntered down the stairs with a confident swagger, only to be hit by a storm of rockets.

The first candidate picked up the sword and ran for the far side.
Too soon and the bridge was not built.
WIPE (Fast forward)
One of the guardians moved from his totem position to get a glory shot on the sword bearer.
His “Pad Buddy” was slashed from behind by the sword bearer.
WIPE x 10 (Fast forward)
“I’m down on the far said” Mitch reported.
“Did you get the gatekeeper?” inquired squad leader wulfy
“Of course”
WIPE (Fast forward)
“I fell of the feckin ledge”
“Me too”
“I did that before”
WIPE (Fast forward)
“What the. Supplicants”
WIPE (Fast forward)
“OK, off the pads, off the pads, we have three over. wait why are the totems?”
“Weard, off the centre pad”
“You shoulda told me”
“He did. 3 times”
WIPE (Fast forward)
“Ha, that’s twice I’ve revived yer Mitch”
“Thanks Burtt”

The light hearted conversations grew heavier as the time passed by.
“It would be nice to cycle through your Primaries, Specials and Heavy Weapons by cycling the current type using the DPad”
“Yeah, better than pointing or dancing”
This changed to
“What weapon are you using?”
“Why did you do that?”

As the allotted time slipped by, the mood of the party was darker than the lamps section.
We called it a day and reflected on our failure.

In the real world, the sun set and rose anew (well it didn’t in England, buy anyway).
The next evening the clan reconvened.

Mitch had sent out a link to an article on the bridge exp-laining the mechanics and strategies for the section.

Each Clan member joined Mitch to run through “The Fist of Crota” on hard and each clan member was given tasks to make it harder. No one failed.

“The bad guys you deal with in this section are more than we deal with between Sword Bearers”

Armed with information and an understanding of each others roles, we descended once more into Crota’s domain.

“I want a running commentary of the Sword Bearers location for the totem teams. We know what we’re doing and each of us is more than up to the job. Lets do this”. Wulfy had a calm focus in his voice.

The trigger was released and so was the hoard.

First guardian across, second and the third.

“Off the pads”

Fourth, fifth.

“Two on each side with Mitch in the middle” Wulfy directed.
“Yeah, me and the gatekeeper” quipped Mitch “but he’s blind at the mo”

Leathal Threat, (voted most likely to kill a Sword Bearer single handedly) proved us all right.
The final guardian crossed the bridge, removed the gatekeeper and the battle intensified.

Lots happened, but we were all too busy to notice anything, other than avoiding imminent death.

I remember dying after killing a Wizard (thanks to the Hallowed Knight for that one) and watching as the other guardians fell, one by one.

The Timer of “you failed” started to count down.

Louis (aka ) sprang up above his broken corpse, wings of flame surrounding him as one by one the fallen guardians were revived. All back up with only one more Major to deal with and the rewards were forthcoming (mostly shards).

“With teamwork, good communication and a bit of luck, anything is possible” said Wulfy.
“Aye but Weard still needs a hearing aid to go with his “Walkframe of the Hive” quipped Burtt.

“Hey Burtt. At least I can upgrade my walker when I get “The Crotch of Crota” for kicking his butt on hard.


  1. To the “Vex Rights Lobby” – No supplicants were harmed during this raid.
  2. To the Alpha Wulf Pack – See. The articles aren’t to make just me look good. (As I didn’t include me taking out 2 gatekeepers)
  3. To the readers – apologies if anyone if left with the mental image of Weard beating on Crota’s hard Crotch.