The Adventures of The Alpha Wulf Pack: Crota’s End Episode 1


Welcome to our new episodic content based on the adventures of the Destiny Clan The Alpha Wulf Pack.

Episode one follows the clan as they take on the Crota’s End raid that was released with The Dark Below DLC. Not only is it entertaining, but reading this account just might help you and your buddies fight your way through the raid yourself.

Into the Darkness


The six guardians sat on the platform, enjoying the vista of the Hellmouth whilst the bridge to Crota’s domain formed.

Two Warlocks, two Hunters and two Titans.

“So the lamps don’t blow up like they used to,” said one guardian. “Them’s were the days”

The plan was simple. Having watched multiple teams run through, pausing to remove the weight of darkness, killing the hive and moving on. We decided to do something different.

So we sent one of the self revivable warlocks all the way through to lamp 16, and then they died on the rock, whilst the other five calmly walk through.

Lethal “Raindrop dodger” Threat sprinted forwards on his mission.

Two agonizing minutes, and many Thrall screams later, the brave five walked forward with no resistance.

Burtt, Mitch, Wulfy, Weard and Louis (AKA Ftwrthtx) nonchalantly meandered through the red lamps, the weight of darkness weighing heavily. Conversations continued as they passed lamp after lamp without a care in the world with topics such as skipping cut scenes, a joint vault for the Clan in game clan modes and brightness settings.

Guardian Down.

“Feck. Where did that damn hole come from?”, Louis exclaimed. The Holmes to his Watson, Weard, helped his fallen friend to his feet.

“I’m looking forward to using this fully upgraded ‘Song of Your Butt’ on some hive knights,” said Weard.

Just then, out of the gloom, the light of the 12th lamp loomed, but next to this was another light source. The Knight had not left his post.

“If we shoot, the blind thralls will hear us and swarm us, shall we go round?” Mitch asked.
“Nah Man,” said Burtt the Geordie Titan, “Lets g’an an punch ‘Im”

The five guardians sprinted forward like sloths in treacle. The knight turned. Disbelief on his face as a quintet of fists laid him out.

“OK Lethal, the boys are in positon”.

On the rock of ‘Can’t get me’ the Five joined the Dormant Warlock.

Lethal sprung to life with the light of a thousand lighty things and the trap for the hive was set. Mitch the geek ran to the pad to start the bridge building process, whilst the others slew Ogres, Knights and the rest of Crota’s entourage.

The bridge was formed.

Silverwulfy, the lightning fast and mostly visible Hunter, turned and headed for the bridge whilst his companions turned to defense mode.

The five stood their ground, allowing no one to pass after the Wulf, and clearing the bridge as they could. One by one the guardians fell. Sacrifices abound. Self revives allow two guardians to try and revive the fallen but the hive are too much.

Knowing the sacrifice of his fellows could not be in vain, Wulfy ran, jumped, slid and dodged his way towards the light. As the light surrounded Wulfy and the warm glow of success started to fill Wulfy with it’s warm glow.  A scream pierced the night.

“Feckin Radiant Shards again, are you serious???…”


So ended the first stage of Crota’s End. Our group of guardians knew it was time for a break and a trip to the Tower to resupply on ammo synthesis and to turn in any bounties they may have recently fulfilled. Knowing that the Cryptarch, Master Rahool, might actually give them something worth a damn for their decoherent engrams in their possession, one by one they left the party and entered orbit, and then traveled on to the Tower, knowing that Crota would be waiting for their return……..

To be continued in Episode 2……