Review – Table Top Racing


The world of micro-machine style racing has made it to the PS Vita. Is it worth your time and money, or best left in its mini-garage?

Read our review to find out.

Playrise Digital’s Table Top Racing was previously released for iOS and Android and is now available for the PS Vita. The game is a throwback to the old school micro-machine style of racing, with tracks set-up on top of tables. Literally. You’ll have tracks lined with things like ketchup bottles, mayonnaise jars, chopped sandwiches, and even kitchen knives. Each track has a unique feel to it and they look great on the PS Vita.

The game is similar to others like Modnation Racers and Mario Kart, so while it isn’t exactly ground breaking, it is a lot of fun to play. You’ll be controlling a small machine ranging from an ice cream truck, all the way up to the Bagetti Carb Injection (it’s a super fast super car – if you get the reference). With each race you’ll earn in-game currency in the form of coins, which can then be used to either upgrade your current car, or purchase another car and upgrade it. Along with our review code we were also given an exorbitant amount of coins to play through the game with, so we went straight to the Bagetti and upgraded that bad boy to the max.


There are several different types of racing events to choose from to keep you occupied and the fun fresh and challenging. Hot Laps and Speed Trials will pit you against the clock, with no one to get in your way. Pure Race will have you face off against a handul of opponents, with nothing but your skills to assist you around the track. Combat racing is where the action reallt heats up, though. With weapon pick-ups scattered around the track, you’ll be shooting rockets, dropping mines, and shocking your opponents to keep them at bay. Elimination races will have you racing for five laps, with the person in last place eliminated at the end of each lap. Pursuit will have you chasing down a driver in front of you and ramming them to stop the clock.

Along with vehicle upgrades like armor, speed and turbo, you’ll also have different wheels to choose from, each with their own special boosts. Our favorite for the standard race would have to be the Centurion wheels, as those blades sticking out are a great equalizer for anyone trying to pass you. For drifting events, you’ll want to use the drift wheels for that extra sliding effect that comes with these bald tires.


Table Top Racing is a fun game that can easily be picked up and played by young and old alike. If you are looking for a quick challenge, jump into the career Championship races, as they get progressively harder, and offer a wide variety of race types, leading up to a multi-race points chase. The Special Events will unlock as you earn XP and raise your overall rank. These also get progressively harder and can be tried using four different difficulties.

Table Top Racing is a great on-the-go title, but also has ad-hoc and online play. While we have had the game for a week, the game is just now releasing so we have had muich of a chance to try the online play since there’s no one online. If the online is as much fun as the offline, we are sure it will be a great experience.


Table Top racing will give you hours of enjoyment, with great graphics, unique tracks, and mustard too.