PlayStation 4 Vudu Video App Updated and Now Allows Vita Remote Play


For those of you that use the UltraViolet Digital Copy Codes with the Vudu video service, and own both a PS4 and a PS Vita, you are in for a treat.

Everyone knows that the PS Vita is a powerful little device, and it already has a few of its own video apps like Netflix, Hulu and Redbox. What it is missing, though, is the Vudu video service which has all of the latest movies available to stream. If movies you purchase come with Ultraviolet (UV) Codes, you can redeem them at the Vudu website to add them to your library in the cloud.

While the PS4 also has a whole slew of apps of its own, all of them are unplayable through Remote Play, with the exception of the Vudu app. You can now stream your HD movies and TV shows directly to your PS Vita through Remote Play, giving you the ability to watch the latest movies right there on your powerful little handheld.

That’s pretty sweet.