Review – Stick it to the Man

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Ray and Ted are now taking their talents to the PlayStation 4 and onto the next generation of gaming.  The question is, is it worthy of the trip or should it have stayed behind?

Read our review to find out.

Meet Ray, a hard hat engineer and tester, who lives in a world where everything is made out of paper and stickers. Traveling home from work one day he is hit on the head by an object that fell from the sky. Inside this object is Ted, a small squid like alien that jumps into his noggin and hides out from the people searching for him. Upon waking up from this horrible accident, Ray finds that he now has a giant pink spaghetti arm sticking out of his head that no one else can see. The arm gives him the ability to peel away walls to see behind them, grab items lying around and use them as stickers, as well as reading the minds of anyone and every living(?) thing around him.

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Ted, the alien, was on the run from The Man when he crashed from the sky and The Man will do whatever it takes to capture him again. This includes framing poor Ted with murder and forcing him on the run, avoiding The Man’s goons at every turn.

The story runs for ten chapters and is both entertaining and humorous, albeit in a slightly dark way. Ten chapters may sound like a bunch but the game is on the short side. Most can probably play through the entire game in four or five hours, and that’s not too bad for the price of the title (US$9.99/Free for PS+). The story is well written with interesting characters likeable good guys. while The Man sounds like Ronald Reagan but acts more like Kim Jong Un. He’s not even very nice to his mother and is an all around jerk.


The game is a side-scroller with an open world feel to it. Each chapter has its own level that can be traveled across freely with a decent size map that can be easily accessed. The layout of the map is a bit of a maze and it’s really easy to get turned around, so using that map to know which way to turn definitely came in handy.

Game play will have you solving puzzles by reading minds and then figuring out what to do based on that dialogue. You’ll need to find stickers that correlate with what the person needs or says and then bring those back and place them either in the characters thought bubble or in front of them. It’s an interesting concept that works great and plays well.

Mind reading is more than just a useful tool for game play, it also adds a depth to the storyline and overall enjoyment by hearing what these folks are thinking. Not everything they are thinking about is relevant to the game, but you won’t be sorry if you take the time to read everyone’s mind. Most chapters have a set number of brains to read and act as collectibles for you completionists out there. Once completed, a chapter can be replayed through chapter select, so there is some replayability here.


The graphics for the game are pretty impressive on the PS4, Levels are designed well and you may start to wonder if that’s real cardboard that the levels are designed with. The level of detail and the medium used gives the game an almost unique feel. I say almost because the game may bring back memories of LittleBigPlanet, for those of you familiar with that title.

The audio for the game is good, with one song still stuck in our heads.

Catchy tune that fits right into the game nicely.

It ended too soon

It ended too soon

Stick it to the Man is a fun game, with a great story, interesting characters and top notch graphics. Our only complaint is that the story wasn’t longer.