Eutechnyx Oulines Upcoming NASCAR ’14 Patch

NASCAR '14 - PRIMARYNASCAR ’14 released recently with some issues that were causing some gamers grief. The previously announced upcoming patch is in the works to address the issues.


“We know some of you have been waiting for this. Please find below details of what will be included in our free update for NASCAR ’14.”

• Fixes for various freezing issue experienced by some players
• Fix to sound issues experienced by some players
• Changes to aggressiveness of AI to give players greater control over levels
• Tweak to difficulty setting to bring AI closer to selected level (want the full NASCAR experience? Select 100% for real-life scenario or dial down for less intensity)
• Increased yield when lower difficulty level selected
• Adjustment to Darlington and Kansas race lengths
• Fix for pitting issues experienced by some players
• Fix for private lobby issues experienced by some players
• Fix to ensure results achieved are accurately reflected
• Fix for decal / paint issues experienced by some players

This patch will also include an update to bring in the new qualifying and chase format rules announced early in 2014 by NASCAR and will include all 43 current Sprint Cup drivers. For those playing as Nationwide drivers these cars will remain in game for you to enjoy.

“We are working to get the patch with you as soon as possible but have to follow the process of testing, updating information, Quality Assurance and finally submission to the various manufacturers. We will keep you updated as this process continues. Thank you.”