Review – The Walking Dead: Season Two A TellTale Games Series

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Are you willing to keep facing hordes of lurkers and help poor young Clementine in her journey or will you cower like others have? In the meantime, crawl to that boulder, as there is a zombie nearby, and then head over to read our full review to find out if the second season is worth the risk or make a quick maneuver and escape from it.

When someone is in trouble, in particular a little girl, one of our first instincts is to either help her out or go and get help. In The Walking Dead, people think twice before lending a hand to someone and even if they do, they will not trust you right away. Unfortunately, that is something that our beloved Clementine will have to face. Season Two starts with Clementine, which now she is traveling with Omid and his pregnant wife Christa, rumor has it that it is much safer there. Something that they must prove with their very own eyes and throughout her journey, she will see that things will not get any easier for anyone and that includes her.

The Walking Dead Season Two Clementine Being Ambushed by Lurkers

Clementine is in some serious danger.

For those who played all of the five episodes of the first season of The Walking Dead, (which I do not find a reasonable explanation why you would not, perhaps you are lurker), TellTale is letting you import your saved game file from the first to the second season. That way the story can be more meaningful to the player.  If you have not played all of the first five episodes then there is nothing to worry about since you will get a recap from what has occurred after you select the first episode titled, “All That Remains”, and will help you to follow the story line with any hassle.

The Walking Dead Season Two Clementine in Danger

A lurker is going after Clementine

Let me get this cleared out the graphics are the same from the first season, not much improvement there but why would there be as this game can be played on most PCs or the console of your choice. After all, by now we all know what matters the most is the story. What I do recommend and I cannot stress enough is to use headphones as it will take the game to a higher level of engagement as some events surprised me leading to a few jumps.

The Walking Dead Season Two Stranger in Danger

Lurker, Aaaarrrggghhh!!! “yummy”

 Just a quick reminder that you can still use the W,A,S and D keys to move your character around. The user interface is very friendly to use, quick and responsive. As this adds a level of precision for when to select choices or objects, in other words you will be seeing a lot of “continues” if you are not quick enough.

The Walking Dead Season Two Clementine in Conversation

Clementine, “Should I trust him?”

As for Clementine, the second season is very depressing, I cannot believe how much this little girl has gone through and yet keeps going, still affected by Lee’s death, using from what others have taught her surviving is the number one priority. Being able to shift the whole story by one’s decision in the game adds a moderate amount of replayability and that is always a plus one in my book.

As always you have outdone yourself, TellTale. Amazing work.