Battlefield 4: Lack of Player Appreciation But it Works


DICE’s latest installment to their Battlefield enterprise has the series moving to China for Battlefield 4. The next gen consoles will finally be on par with PC players delivering frantic 64-player matches. The addition of the commander and the début of the comma-rose on consoles have all been welcome features. Battlefield 4 is in many ways bigger, better and more impressive than ever.

But can they do more if the gamers request it?

One of the biggest complaints about the design of the game has been the omission of the ability to be able to group up with your friends prior to joining a match. EA/DICE have said they have a new feature which will allow you to join your friend’s games and automatically get grouped up with them. The major problem is this feature doesn’t work. Often when joining a friend’s match, even if they have room on their team, you will be put on the team with the least amount of people, than the server quickly fills up. The best way to get into a match together is to check the scoreboard often and let your friends know when they should jump in. I feel sorry for those poor bastards on PS3 that have no cross game chat feature.



Where’s the real appreciation?

For many the lack of this feature is unacceptable, especially when it has been present on almost every Battlefield game since they started being released on consoles. For those who would like to have something done about this, there is a petition for you to add your name to.

This petition can be found on

If you are a fan of the series, or just a fan of playing with your friends, add your signature and be sure to share this with your friends. At the moment there are fewer than 100 signatures, so instead of just complaining, be an agent for change.