Review – Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition


Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition

Nostalgia Awaits

When deciding to buy a game, there are many factors that affect your ultimate decision. Nostalgia can be a very motivating factor in some of these purchases. I played Baldur’s Gate II ten years ago when it first came out and honestly, I didn’t really remember the story aspects at all. I remembered it had a very good DnD system and was one of the first games to use the live action rolling dice combat system. The graphics were pretty decent 10 years ago and it had a decent online community.

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When diving back into the game, I had to re-familiarize myself with the combat system and most of the controls. The game assumes you have played before and there is no tutorial or anything to teach you how to play. This can be very confusing for players who are new to the game type or even for players who have not played in 10 years.

The pack includes the original 3 versions of the game with hundreds of significant (and insignificant) improvements. There are all new characters, new story modes, new music, bug fixes, an improved multiplayer interface, and much much more. The graphics really didn’t change a whole lot and it still looks like a ten year old Dungeons and Dragons game, but if a journey to the past and a bowl full of Nostalgia is what you are looking for, then this is the game for you.

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Overall, I give this game a 4/10 if you have never played the original and an 8/10 if you have played and are wanting to go back 10 years and relive your DnD glories. We can split the difference and call it a 6/10.


The Final Verdict


  • Blast from the past
  • Great game 10 years ago

  • It was a great game 10 years ago

VerdictOld school RPG groundbreaker