Epigenesis Early Access on Steam Now Available – Plus Bonus Screenshots


Developer Dead Shark Triplepunch to Hold Community Tournament in November for First-Person Arena Sports Game


Independent studioDead Shark Triplepunch today announced its award-winning First-Person Arena Sports game Epigenesis is now in open for Early Access on Steam for $9.99 here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/244590/.

Epigenesis is a multiplayer game for up to ten players in which two teams—armed with force-based, non-lethal weaponry and gravity boots—play a ball game over rooftops. When players score a goal, they gain access to seeds that sprout plants with special abilities that grant players buffs and help them capture the arena from their opponents. The game is set for a Q1 2014 release and is being developed for PC with Unreal Engine 3 by a ten-man strong indie team.

Epigenesis is a love letter to Quake and Unreal Tournament’s Bombing Run. It’s a combination of the games that we miss from the time when we grew up, and we want to bring that same experience to new players but with a modern twist,” said Michael Levall, project lead for Dead Shark Triplepunch. “Whether you’re an old Quake player who misses the twitchy shooter, or if you’re someone who thinks you know the meaning of the word ‘hectic,’ Epigenesis has something for you.”

Dead Shark Triplepunch will host a community tournament for Epigenesis through their Twitch channel Friday, Nov. 15 until Monday, Nov. 18 from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PDT. For more information, please visit:www.deadsharktriplepunch.com.






Epigenesis wonMake Something Unreal Live (MSUL) 2013 from Epic Games and Game of the Year from the2013 Swedish Game Awards.


About Dead Shark Triplepunch

Dead Shark Triplepunch is an indie development team consisting of ten crew members based in the city of Karlshamn, which lies in the southern parts of Sweden. They are currently working on the non-lethal FPS domination/ball game Epigenesis.


About Unreal Engine

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