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Beer Pong Ready to Make a Splash on October 22 for Only $4.99


JV Games, Inc., an electronic entertainment company that develops computer, console, and handheld video games, is thrilled to confirm that on Tuesday, October 22, 2013, the quintessential collegiate pastime – Beer Pong – is lining up to take the PlayStation® Network by storm. Featuring full PlayStation® Move support, this is the definitive way for true Beer Pong masters to hone their form and technique. This digital Beer Pong experience delivers all the competition, excitement and smack talk you would expect, but without those huge tables, cups and the mess that often accompanies the real thing. Now, dedicated players can practice their Beer Pong skills anywhere you can fit a PlayStation® 3 console and screen!


Originally released for Nintendo Wii in 2008 under the name Pong Toss, the game received a considerable amount of attention from critics nationwide including parents and activist groups and even a Connecticut Attorney General for JV Games’ blatant promotion of alcohol consumption. Now in 2013, the game has reinvented itself, reclaiming the name of Beer Pong for the true skill-based sport that it is.

Built especially for PlayStation® 3 and equipped with an elaborate throwing system for complete accuracy with the PlayStation® Move, Beer Pong by JV Games has a simple, intuitive user interface enabling players to throw, or bounce, an in-game ping pong ball across a table to sink it in one of several cups at the opposite end. Gamers can choose to play a game of Beer Pong with one to four players or speed things up with a game of Speed Pong with one to three players, which allows you to “screw your neighbor” by flipping, adding or shrinking your opponent’s cups. Beer Pong will also include Tournament Mode, allowing teams of 4, 8 or 16 gamers to play head-to-head until only one team is left standing. For the trophy-hunters out there, Beer Pong has full PlayStation® Trophy support integrated. Players achieving Beer Pong greatness will be awarded for their efforts and will be able to view their top high scores from a local standpoint, or against the world. All these features and more coming soon!


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