BEYOND: Two Souls – Quantic Dreams Brings Cinematography Back to the PS3


Developer Quantic Dreams, the studio behind the critically acclaimed title Heavy Rain, is at it again with their upcoming release of BEYOND: Two Souls.

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Quantic Dreams set the bar high for cinematic games when they released Heavy Rain, and only a few other games have reached that bar since. While the Uncharted series has always been a top-notch adventure game with an interesting story line and fun gameplay, the story was just along for the ride. The game’s characters are likeable and memorable, but the story never quite reached the level of Heavy Rain. The Last of Us and The Walking Dead are two games that took a story and not only made it fun to play, but also made you care about the characters. Not that these two are on the same level graphically speaking, as The Last of Us clearly takes the cake in that category, but their story lines play out in a way that can draw emotions from the gamer. If you have played either title, you know what I mean. Grown men have cried while playing both titles.

Beyond: Two Souls Tribeca Film Festival Trailer

If you are reading this without watching the above video in its entirety, stop reading and hit the play button. We will gladly wait for you.

Beyond: Two Souls is not just a game, but something that goes way beyond that. The gameplay itself takes a back seat to the story, but at the same time, the gameplay looks interesting and fun to play. While there currently isn’t an Academy Award for acting in gaming, maybe there should be. The story is well written, from what we’ve seen so far, with a cast of well known starts. Ellen Paige and Willem Dafoe (Willem…. always seems like I’m saying it wrong) have put their hearts into these roles just as if it was a Hollywood blockbuster. Their emotions can be felt in the video just as if we were watching it on the big screen at the IMAX.

Graphically speaking, the game may actually do pull-ups on the bar that Heavy Rain set. The screenshots for the game speak for themselves:

Click on the image to really be impressed

Click on the image to really be impressed


Quantic Dreams’ level of detail once again impresses and reaches a level that very few developers can attian on a console. These aren’t from a high end PC, but from the PS3. The first image makes you want to take Ellen aside and offer her a band-aid and group therapy. The cuts on her face, coupled with that haunting look of despair in her eyes, gives a brief glimpse into the soul of the character, and draws you in. You can’t help but feel empathy for this lost soul. Where the video uses dialogue to draw you in, that one image defines the character that Ellen plays. Battered physically and emotionally, one can only wonder what tortures she has witnessed and endured.

If this doesn’t make you want to play a video game, I’m not sure what will. Be sure to pre-order your copy today.