MLB 13: The Show Game Update 1.24 Released


A few minor tweaks and changes in the latest update for MLB 13: The Show.

Details after the jump.

Game Update 1.24 was deployed on Friday, 8/23 at 3am. See The list of changes below…
– Created Logos Diamond Dynasty logos should now show up for both users at all times during Diamond Dynasty games. Logos should now always be seen on field, uniforms and in on-screen-displays (OSDs). Some disconnects were being seen during online games as a result of missing logos on field.

– Addressed an issue with the batting/pitching interface that was causing disconnects during online games. This was seen more often with the Zone Analog batting and Analog interfaces, but could happen in any interface. We believe this addresses non-user related disconnects that occur during online games.

– Check Swing Appeals is no longer an option you can change in the in-game General settings during online games. Changing this option was causing issues when done in the middle of a game.