Review – Rest in Peace Department (R.I.P.D): The Game


The Rest in Peace Department (R.I.P.D) movie looks like it might be entertaining, but can anyone pull off a successful movie tie-in game?

Read our review to find out.

Movie tie-in games have always had a tendency to suck. That’s not being mean or rude, but just stating the facts. Occasionally a game developer will create a tie-in that is playable, and doesn’t suck, but those instances can be counted on one hand (Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga comes to mind).  The question, then, is: Where does R.I.P.D. The Game fall on that sliding scale?

The movie R.I.P.D. is about a Boston PD cop that dies (Ryan Reynolds as Nick) and gets stuck in limbo. He is sent to the afterlife and put in R.I.P.D. (Rest In Peace Department). Assigned with a new partner (Jeff Bridges), the two are sent to Earth to go after the renegade souls who have evaded the afterlife (Deados).


That is the plot for the movie, and is briefly touched on in the beginning of the game, but that is the only real reference to the movie within the actual video game. Sure, the playable characters are Reynolds and Bridges, and maybe there are a few references with the naming of some bad guys, but still, the game isn’t much of a tie-in. It really seems to be more about cashing-in on the title than anything else, which is typical for most tie-ins.

The game has no story mode whatsoever, with no tutorial mode to speak of. You can either join a quick match online with a random co-op partner (good luck with that) or you can create a custom match. There are seven locations or maps to choose from with each map being different enough that they aren’t too repetitive. Your weapon choices are limited at first to a pistol and a shotgun, with more weapons being purchasable once you start earning cash in completed matches. Before each match you can purchase items that will make things a little easier when in the match. Items like a bullet proof vest for extra toughness, an ammo magnet which makes the bad guys drop ammo when killed and flaming bullets are just a few. You can only purchase one of these consumables before each match so choose wisely.


The game itself is your typical horde mode style game, with each game consisting of five rounds of bad guys coming at you in waves. Normally you would expect each wave to be harder than the last, but that’s not really the case here. There are a few bad guys with mini guns that are a pain in the behind, but for the most part all you have to do is go Rambo and you’ll blast through them with ease. You can melee if you run out of ammo, but if you use the magnet consumable this will probably not be a problem. The guns aren’t all that creative, even though I haven’t played enough to unlock the banana or hair dryer. they might be fun to use, but unlocking them might not be worth your time.

As you play through a match, your kill streak will earn you perks. The first perk is a health cone area where you and your partner will heal pretty quick. Of the five perks you can earn, none are all that effective and none of them are upgradeable. The turret perk is probably the only one worth using, although the clone perk is interesting to see. You become invisible and a duplicate of you is left standing in one spot fighting off the incoming bad guys. It only takes a few seconds to realize that your clone isn’t very smart and then you realize that the perk isn’t all that effective. Glitches are common, and more than once I would drop a turret, only to see it not firing at all and the perk still be available. Upon dropping a second turret next to the inert one, the second one might start shooting, but then again, maybe not.


The graphics for the game, once they are fully loaded, are OK but nothing to write home about. You can count to five when a match starts and chances are the images will be about 95% drawn. It is a downloadable game, so you would expect the graphics to pop in pretty quick, but you would be wrong. The audio for the game is forgettable, with no real uniqueness to it at all.

Atlus, as a publisher, has been known to put their brand behind some pretty unique games that can seem pretty odd to some, but end up being fun for most. Sadly that’s not the case here. R.I.P.D. The Game is a mess, with glitches galore, no real story, and not really worth the $9.99 price tag.



The Final Verdict


  • It was fun for a few minutes

  • No story mode
  • Glitches galor
  • Slow loading graphics

VerdictAt least they didn't try to market it retail