Review – Time & Eternity


NIS America’s hand drawn anime title Time & Eternity is soon to be released. Is it worth your time or is it better left to fade into eternity?

Read on to find out.

It’s a beautiful day in the land of Kamza. The Princess Toki and her groom-to-be Zack are meeting with their friends the day before their wedding to listen to their advice and enjoy their company. The conversation is filled with the sexual innuendo and lighthearted humor you might expect for the situation. Toki’s faithful companion, a dragon name Drake, is there and Zack gets a little jealous when he find out that Drake gets to bathe with Toki often. He hasn’t even kissed her yet, but the dragon gets to bathe with her? How fair is that?


Skip to the next day and the wedding is underway. Zack is blinded by the beauty of his bride and can’t wait for the festivities to end. When the vows are finished, and the time for their first kiss has arrived, assassins invade the ceremony. Zack draws his sword and attempts to defend his new bride, only to take a fatal blow and fall to the floor. In his mind he can only think of how all the women of the land will swoon over his devotion and life giving heroics for his new bride, albeit a failing effort.

As he lay on the floor bleeding out, the woman he had just wed springs into action. Except maybe it’s not her. She’s wearing the same dress, but her hair is no longer red. She’s now a blonde, and when did she learn to fight like that? This remnant of his former bride jumps in and starts taking out all of the assassins until the remaining few flee in fear. Zack stares in astonishment, but before he can find out what just happened, his visions blurs and fades as his life slowly bleeds out of him.

The next few scenes reveal to us that Toki is somewhat of a schizophrenic. She has two souls that reside inside her and Towa, the soul that took on the assassins, is well trained in fighting. Both souls combined gives them the unique ability to travel back in time and try to change the future. With her new groom bleeding out at their wedding, what better time to go back six months and try to figure out who was responsible and why this happened.


Toki & Towa

Zak awakens some time later, not sure where he is or what exactly just happened and not knowing he had just traveled back in time. He sees Toki talking to a fortune teller and the focus shifts to her. She is attempting to find out if this fortune teller knew of the attack on her wedding. We then find out that Zak is no longer himself but his soul has been transferred into the body of Drake the dragon. Zak is somewhat dismayed at first, but his mood gets cheerier when he remembers that Drake bathes with Toki often. What’s a great anime story without some scantily clad girls and perverseness to go around?

Game play for the most part will have you walking around in a third person view, behind the character. Through most of the game, you’ll play as either Toki or Towa, with transitions between the two only when you rank up. This will have Toki playing anytime your level is an even number and Towa with the odd numbers. We captured the transitions for your viewing pleasure below.

This video is private. Only those with access can see it. Time & Eternity – Both Transitions

Eventually you’ll be given an item that will allow you to swap between characters at will, but that is a ways down the road. Each character has their own skill set and each character performs better in some areas than the other. There’s a nice balance between the two and figuring out which weapons they are more proficient with will help you in the battles that you’ll be facing.

The battles themselves occur at random times as you are out walking around in the many areas of the game. These battles aren’t turn based exactly, so you’ll have to pay attention to what the enemy is doing prior to beginning some of the more time consuming attacks you’ll have at your disposal. Battles are fought  in a restricted amount of space, on a multi-plane system.


You can stay back and fire your rifle at your enemy and dodge left or right or jump when they fire back at you with their own type of weapons and magic. Timing is key to being successful as some of your attacks take a few seconds to wind up and use. You can also move up to the enemy, and sometimes they’ll move up to you. In these instances you’ll be using your sword or some close quarter attacks, if your attack meter is full enough. You can turn off all of the HUD meters and gauges if you don’t want them, but they might come in handy when facing off against some of the tougher bad guys.

The battles can get a little repetitive, and that’s to be expected for this type of game. How you mix up your attacks can break up that monotony but most bad guys can be taken out pretty easily early on. If you want to make it more challenging, be sure to play on Normal difficulty as that will at least force you to mix it up a bit. As you progress through the story, tougher enemies will show up, so practicing with different attack techniques early on, even though it may not be warranted, will help you out in the long run.

World Map

World Map

Along your journey you’ll come across side quest givers requiring items that some enemies may drop when you take them out, or items that you’ll find in chests. These treasure chests will be marked on your area map by a star, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.The area maps can be pretty big so you’ll want to keep an eye out for waypoints that will allow you to jump around within that area. This can save you quite a bit of time as battles have a tendency to pop up often, unless of course you find a consumable item that will help keep the bad guys away fro a short period of time.

Some areas have spots that will unlock special art work. These spots are unique to each character, so you’ll have to make a mental note if you come across one of these when you are using the other character. These spots will set off a cut scene with a discussion between Drake and the current character and can be entertaining, albeit a little cheesy at times. This is anime, so cheesy is almost a given.

Lunch Break

Lunch Break with Toki

The game itself is a great looking game. The graphics, albeit in the anime style, are well defined and the hand drawn animations look great. The actual land areas could have used more detail as they are all pretty bland and there’s not much different between them. The game would have been helped immensely if this would have had more details and differences included. The music almost makes up for this by being light, soothing and airy while walking around, then changing tempo and sound tracks while in battles. Great job there.

Just a Sip

Towa Takes a Sip

NIS America’s Time & Eternity is everything you expect an anime title to be. The hand drawn animations give the game a unique style that brings almost a TV series style of game play to a video game. It’s a unique experience that does a decent job of giving depth to what can be a repetitive game at times.


Anime fans will love it, but non fans might find it too repetitive.


The Final Verdict


  • Nice hand drawn animations
  • Entertaining story
  • Pleasant music

  • Repetitive battles
  • Little to no detail or differences in the areas

VerdictAnime fans will enjoy it