Face the Mammoth At E3 With Dead on Arrival 2 and NVIDIA


Sequel to one of the Best Selling Horror Games on Android

N3V Games, creators of the highly successful Trainz Simulator franchise and Sci-Fi Strategy game Dark Reign, today announced Dead on Arrival 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed top-down horror shooter that will be on show at this year’s E3 convention.

In partnership with NVIDIA and their new portable gaming device, Shield, Dead on Arrival 2 will offer press and public alike the chance to face the Mammoth at the NVIDIA booth at E3 for the first time.

On show will be the Multiplayer mode of Dead on Arrival 2. This highly anticipated feature will offer E3 attendants the chance to pair up on two Shield devices and face down wave after wave of suspense filled zombie slaughter. This demonstration also marks the first time the public have the chance to see the new Special Infected category of zombies making their way into Dead on Arrival 2.

“The original Dead on Arrival built up a great following of players, with one of the biggest requests being multiplayer. We’re pleased to announce that multiplayer, both casual and competitive will be a significant part of the Dead on Arrival 2 experience, with leagues and leader boards to come in future developments” said Shaine Bennett, Marketing Director at N3V Games. “Dead on Arrival 2 will be a much larger game than the original, and we can’t wait to show off all of the new features.”

Dead on Arrival 2 is slated to enter Open Beta shortly, before its release as a launch title on NVIDIA’s Shield.

About N3V Games:
N3V Games is a privately held and independent games developer situated on the sunny shores of Queensland’s Gold Coast. Originally formed as part of the Auran group of companies in 1991, N3V Games is one of Australia’s oldest and longest running studios. With a long history of experience in PC titles, with Trainz Simulator franchise shipping over 1 million units, N3V Games is now poised to leverage their success onto Mobile devices. For more information see www.n3vgames.com

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