Game Insight Announces Cross-Platform Role-Playing Adventure With New Version of Rule the Kingdom


New cross-platform version of popular game will let players continue the adventure on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Facebook

Game Insight, a world leader in mobile/social games, has announced that an updated version of Rule the Kingdom, the unique role-playing and strategy hybrid game developed by innoWate, the creators of the popular mobile strategy game 2020: My Country, is now available across multiple platforms. Rule the Kingdom now lets players start their adventures on their platform of choice, and continue them on iPhone, iPad, Android, or Facebook.

Rule the Kingdom is a unique game that combines light role-playing adventure with deep city-building strategy. In the game, players play as fledgling warrior-monarchs who are called upon to both tend to their bustling township and citizens, as well as to venture forth into the vast wilderness to conquer hundreds of quests and acquire a virtual treasure trove of rare loot.

“We are extremely excited to see Rule the Kingdom and Airport City launch on Game Insight develops awesome games, and we have enjoyed a very close working relationship with them,” said Julien Codorniou, Head of Gaming Partnerships at Facebook Europe. “Given the high quality of Facebook platform integration both on web and on mobile, we are confident that these games will delight gamers all over the world, on whichever device they may play them.”
In Rule the Kingdom, players can build their tiny village into a booming empire with a profitable economy and a strong military structure that lets them commission warriors, wizards, and artillery to bring into battle.

When they’re not tending to their growing kingdom, players can actually leave their nation to explore dozens of unique locales in search of piles of gold coin, rare weapons and armor that can be upgraded using enchanted gems, and even learn powerful magic spells.
Rule the Kingdom offers a unique take on strategy by also offering pick-up-and-play role-playing adventure alongside the task of growing a humble hamlet into a massive nation. Download Rule the Kingdom now to begin your adventure, and continue playing on the mobile/social platform of your choice!

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