5 Gaming Trailers Compete at the 14th Annual Golden Trailer Awards


5 Gaming Trailers Compete at the 14th Annual Golden Trailer Awards


The 14th Annual Golden Trailer Awards show is happening on Friday, May 3rd in Beverly Hills, CA, to celebrate the best  preview reels for movies and video games. The Golden Trailer Awards are loads of fun–Rob Schneider and Aisha Tyler are toplining this year.  But they’re also serious business: far surpassing their primary function as marketing tools,  nowadays, trailer premieres–or even for teasers for trailers–create a popular frenzy that often surpasses the excitement about the movies and games themselves.  It’s a powerful testament to the craft and artistry that goes into creating these works.


This year’s Nominees for Best Video Game Trailer are:

“Crysis 3” “Momentum Trailer” (Crytek, AV Squad)

“Cyberpunk”  “2077 Teaser” (Platige Image)

“Dead Island Riptide” “CGI Announcement Trailer” (Buddha Jones)

“InFamous: Second Son” Sony Computer Entertainment of America)

“Tomb Raider” (Square Enix, Ignition Creative)

With well over 5 billion streaming views worldwide in 2011, trailers are now as much of an entertainment event as the movies they promote.  The Golden Trailer Awards are the world’s top honors for these previews, recognizing achievement in categories ranging from Best Summer Blockbuster and Best Comedy  to Best Documentary, along with Best Video Game and favorites such as Trashiest Trailer and the Golden Fleece Award, the prize for best trailer for the worst movie.   Now, for the 14th year, the Golden Trailer Awards will be presented in a fun-filled gala night.

The full list of nominees is at http://goldentrailer.com/awards.gta14.php