Wikia Introduces Game Guides 2.0 Mobile App

WikiaLogoWikia Introduces First Official Mobile Apps to Assemble its 20+ Million Pages of Rich, Dynamic Community Content in a Modern, Streamlined Experience


My Wikia and Wikia Game Guides 2.0 to Accelerate Collaboration and Engagement, the world’s leading collaborative media company and home to many of the Web’s largest social communities, announced today its new slate of mobile apps providing users with seamless, interactive ways to engage with the vast array of content on the site.  The newly announced apps include My Wikia and Wikia Game Guides 2.0, both created to accelerate fan collaboration and engagement around popular culture topics.


Today’s most popular titles are well-represented on the site:

  • Gears of War Judgment wiki has 1,878 pages of content

  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate wiki has 4,164 pages of content


My Wikia for iPad is the first version of Wikia’s flagship app and the mobile solution to the over 70 million global visitors who frequent each month, as it will enable its devoted and ever-growing user base to serendipitously explore within and across Wikia’s over 300,000 collaborative communities with a personalized and streamlined interface.

Wikia Game Guides 2.0 for iPhone and Android is designed for Wikia’s growing base of 65,000 video game communities. With intuitive features like article and intra-article offline bookmarking for 2.48 million pages of gaming content, the app aims to satisfy Wikia’s massive community of gaming experts. It offers quick and easy access to accurate, detailed information about popular mobile and platform video games in dynamically assembled guides that take leveling up to the next level.


“With mobile currently accounting for almost 32% of our US traffic, we felt it was vital to continue to put mobile offerings at the center of our strategy,” said Craig Palmer, CEO of Wikia.  “With our highly engaged and deeply passionate communities, Game Guides 2.0 and My Wikia are the perfect solutions to keeping fans connected to Wikia in a way that is in line with their evolving habits.”

Additional product details for My Wikia and Game Guide 2.0, include:

  • My Wikia:
    • Designed to help users select and set up personal collections of fan communities based on what they know and love, My Wikia streamlines the experience right from the home screen by allowing users to create a personal view of Wikia.
    • Users can also search and discover rich, multimedia content on favorite or trending pop culture topics — ranging from video games, TV shows, and movies to sports, food, and fashion – through Wikia featured and popular article indicators.
    • My Wikia has introduced a “magazine-like” swipe to simplify navigation through all personalized collections of community articles.
    • Readers can catch up on the constantly updated community chronicles in an elegant, easy-to-read interface with enhanced legibility features.
    • Bookmark and share articles with friends.


  • Wikia Game Guides 2.0:
    • Gamers can search for and add any Wikia game guide to a sliding carousel on the home screen.
    • Game Guides 2.0 now also includes ranking and trending indicators for all categories of content curated by Wikia’s Video Game Community.
    • Users will cherish the ability to bookmark full articles as well as particular sections of articles for offline reference. Readers will enjoy the speedy, clean reading experience and customize display options.
    • Wikia Game Guides 2.0 is collaborative.  Users can open a Wikia Community “About” screen to send the game wiki administrator a message and request more content or suggest changes.
    • Wikia Video Game Community admins have access to a special page to manage what content appears in the Game Guides 2.0 app.


Over the past year, Wikia Gaming traffic has grown 17%, totaling 30 million unique global visitors, making Wikia Video Games one of the top online destinations in the industry according to comScore. In addition, Wikia’s Entertainment vertical has seen a 50% growth with 33 million unique global visitors, while Wikia Lifestyle has accounted for 10 million unique visitors within the last year.  To date, Wikia communities have accumulated over 100,000 videos, 14M photos, and 5,000 hours of premium content, attracting audiences across all ages, genders, geographies and interests.


The My Wikia app and Wikia Game Guides 2.0 are now available for free in the Apple app store and on Google Play. 


Download the My Wikia app for iPad –

Download the Wikia Game Guides 2.0 app for iOS –>


Download the Wikia Game Guides 2.0 app for Android

About Wikia:

Wikia is a trusted collaborative media platform. It is the definitive place for people to contribute to the assembly of original bodies of multi-media content around subjects they know and love. Using Wikia, anyone can form new communities around any subject or participate in over 300,000 existing communities by reading or contributing new content. With over 20 million pages of rich content, Wikia’s communities are the most authoritative information about any topic on the Internet. Wikia’s video game vertical ( is a leading video-game focused network on the Web. Its entertainment vertical ( is the fastest growing US entertainment destination around the world.


Launched in 2006 by founders Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley, Wikia attracts more than 70 million global unique visitors per month and is ranked a Quantcast Top 35 Internet site. or @wikia