Review – Fuel Overdose



Fuel Overdose is releasing today on the PlayStation Network for $9.99. Is it worth the cost of two gallons of gas, or should you just leave this one in the garage?

Read our review to find out.

During the first decades of the 21st century, global warming caused the appearance of a new pandemic disease: Lilith.

Lilith infested the entire human race in less than five weeks.

Even if scientists soon found a vaccine, they rapidly realized the human body addiction to the vaccine. One threat warded off, a new one soon appeared, coming from the sky.

2017/03/13 – Downfall Day

 During the years following Downfall day, survivors started to search for vaccine at all costs and started an era of chaos. What we now call the old society was replaced by small groups of people without any notions of country. The biggest of those groups, named Consortium, took control of the remaining vaccine stocks and started to rule the world imposing vaccine rationing.

Now, the only legal way for other clans to access vaccine is the “Race Of Chaos”, where every remaining group of racers compete until death of victory.

Fuel Overdose is a CHALLENGING tactical action racing game with 8 characters to choose from each with their own stories, guns, and explosions. Oh and a grappling hook? I’ll explain further in the review.

The Weapons

  •    Machine guns: With the combination of the hand brake and rotating features, Can be fired at 360°. Very helpful when you run out of rockets and mines.
  •     Homing Missiles that can be avoided by maneuvering out of the way at the very last moment.
  •     Mines – very useful when you find yourself leading the race and trying to keep distance from your rivals. Also, you have detonators for Several bombs that are scattered at certain areas around the circuit,  that allow you to take out opponents that would be out of reach for any other weapons .

One of the unique and handy tools your vehicle is equipped with is the grappling hook. You can use the grappling hooks to latch onto enemy vehicles, to turn yourself around, or to hit certain turns at full speed. The grappling hook can also be used as a weapon. You can electrify your opponent by latching onto an enemy vehicle and holding the circle button. But be warned, your enemy can counter and send the attack back. There are also key grappling points situated around the track that will allow you to drift through, and slingshot out of, corners. the grappling point is stationary and available to all racers.

Berserk Gauge and Combos

 The Berserk Gauge, which can be located at the top right corner of the screen, is divided into three sections. Skill moves, Super attacks, Ultra attacks. The Gauge is filled whenever attacked by enemy racers.

Skill moves: Can be triggered anytime since they don’t use up the Berserk Gauge.

Super attacks: Affect all the enemies in your immediate vicinity. This consumes one bar of the gauge

Ultra attacks: Do damage to all enemies on the race track. This attack consumes the whole gauge.

The Combo System: You can perform combos by chaining attacks. The cool thing about Fuel Overdose is that as soon as you stop your combo, those points get turned into health.

Defense: shield

You can jump on defense by using your shield. The shield uses up the Berserk gauge, so as long as the gauge isn’t used up, you’ll be good. But this means that you’ll have to chose which one to use when it comes to defense or offense.


There are 30 challenges all together, 5 different types. Each challenge has its own difficulty. The harder the challenge, the more money you get.

2 free DLC are coming soon:
The Mercenary Vehicle pack and the Wanderer Vehicle pack.

Each DLC contains 5 vehicles, which makes a total of 10 extra vehicles, getting 20 vehicles all together. These DLC vehicles are more powerful than the vehicles that are in the game regularly, that’s why you cannot use in the challenge mode (If they were, they would be too easy).


Fuel Overdose is….well it’s different. I like the Challenging/Strategy aspect of the game. It is unique, some parts are fun. Story didn’t really keep me interested.  Couldn’t save mid story when I had to leave. You would end up having to start over again with that character, So kind of gave up on that. Graphics are not all that great and ran into a little glitch that happened multiple times where I would spawn and could not steer the car or brake, only fire my weapons and accelerate.

Ok, I was excited for this game and I NEVER do this, but, I’m pretty disappointed with the overall outcome of the game.

If I-Friquya and the Fuel Overdose team would have polished it better, maybe this game would be worth playing. Personally, Fuel Overdose is not worth the asking price of $9.99.

Overall verdict, Fuel Overdose is most definitely not my cup of tea.


The Final Verdict


  • The Challenge and the Strategy aspect of the game
  • The Grappling hook

  • Story
  • Control glitches
  • Poor graphics
  • Awkward play style
  • Awkward driving view
  • Not being able to save during story

VerdictPersonally, Fuel Overdose is not worth the asking price of $9.99