Sony Reaching out to Indie Developers Via SCE DevNet for PS3, PS4 and the PS Vita

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If you are an independent developer, Sony wants you.

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Indie developers in North America: Interested in making a game for PS4, PS3, or PS Vita?

With the ability to self-publish across PlayStation Network, PS® Vita, and PlayStation Mobile there’s a PlayStation platform for every game. No slotting, no voting. You are the publisher!

Get started in 3 easy Steps!

  1. Fill in and return the Company Information Form.
  2. Review and return the NDA & Tools Loan Agreement (sent to you once we receive your information).
  3. Complete registration for PlayStation DevNet.
Please fill out the Company Info Form and Submit: [email protected]

(For Developers Located in Europe please refer to the SCEE R&D site.)

Is this something that interests you? let us know in the comments below.