Review – Urban Trial Freestyle


Kickstart your motorcycle and get ready to jump over to our review for Urban Trial Freestyle for the PS3 and the PS Vita.


Urban Trial Freestyle is a motorcycle racing game that pits you against the environment. For those of you that remember Excitebike, this game strongly resembles it. You must navigate your motorcycle through a wide variety of terrain and obstacles in a race to the finish line.


There are two types of races in the game. You’ll race against the clock and a downloaded ghost in Time Attack mode, aiming for the fastest time. Ghost data is based on other gamers’ race data as stored on the PSN, so you’ll never know who you will match up against.

Get that Ghost

Get that Ghost

Stunt Mode will have you trying to pull off some pretty sick stunts. Back flips seem easy but become tricky when the platform you have to land on isn’t a stationary object. This adds to the overall fun of the game and showcases how well the physics work. Other stunts you’ll be asked to pull off are long jumps, speed checks, precision landings and jumping through things with precision. The stunts sound easy enough, but when you factor in that people will be throwing things at you, cops will be cutting you off, and some people just won’t get the hell out of the way, the stunts get harder and harder to accomplish.

Flip it and stick that landing

Flip it and stick that landing

As you race through the forty five plus levels, you’ll be able to find cash sacks along the way. Collect as many of these as you can because your bike needs some upgrades. You can upgrade your tires, chassis and engine depending on your style of racing. Once an upgrade is purchased, you can swap out the parts prior to each race. Each upgrade has its own pros and cons, so make sure you apply the proper upgrades before each race. You’ll find that those tires that make your bike handle better, also reduce your speed. If you are just hitting a stunt track, then that’s fine, but if it’s a time attack, you may want to rethink your options. Engine upgrades can increase your top speed, but it’s at the expense of handling. Again, the physics of the game works well. Once you’ve purchased all of the upgrades, you’ll have sixty four unique bike configurations to choose from.

The graphics for the game look great on the PS3, and we will have to assume they are just as good on the PS Vita. The environments are well detailed, and you may find your self wanting to pick stuff up to throw back at the jerks throwing stuff at you on the TV. The level designs are tricky at times but are well thought out. Going full out isn’t always in your best interest and don’t be surprised to find yourself slamming into a wall where you should have hit the brakes and allowed the environment to work for you. Some thought is actually required to finish some levels, as they almost have a puzzle aspect to them. That’s definitely another plus for the game.


As you race through each track, you can leave your mark along the way by beating whoever sits atop the leaderboard. Once you’ve achieved a top score for a stunt or a track, your PS3 Avatar will be posted on a billboard for all your friends to see. If you are playing on the PS Vita, you can use a custom picture for that billboard shot and show off whatever you wish.

Urban Trial Freestyle is a fun little game that can bring hours of fun (and sometimes frustration). It is priced at $14.99 for the PS3 and $9.99 for the PS Vita. PlayStation Plus members will get a 20% discount for the first week only, so you may want to jump on that quickly if you are a PS+ member.


The Final Verdict


  • Well designed physics
  • Bike upgrades require thought
  • Well designed levels
  • Great graphics

  • No story to engage the gamer
  • Some levels are more frustrating than fun

VerdictA fun little game at a great price