The Classic Game Postmortem Series is Back at GDC 2013


Will Feature Crystal Castles, Myst, Pinball Construction Set and X-COM: UFO Defense

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For the third consecutive year, GDC will feature the Classic Game Postmortem series highlighting four seminal games.

The original designer and programmer of Crystal Castles, Franz Lanzinger, will discuss secrets of the classic Atari arcade game; Robyn Miller co-director of Myst, the best-selling PC game of the 1990s, will share how he and his brother created a game that remains relevant more than 20 years later; Bill Budge, father of the seminal Pinball Construction Set will lay out one of the earliest examples of an in-game editor – a title that game developer legend Will Wright has credited as a key influence on the simulation games that launched him to stardom; and Julian Gollop will reveal tactics he deployed in directing, co-designing, co-programming and co-drawing X-COM: UFO Defense.

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