Assassin’s Creed Celebrates 5 Years with a Shiny New Fankit


Five years ago, Assassin’s Creed was released to the world and has quickly become a global cultural phenomenon.

With Assassin’s Creed III, Ubisoft’s fastest-selling game to date, the series has built upon a unique vision, merging the exploration of historical events with incredible action and social stealth.

In addition, The Assassin’s Creed facebook page has reached four million fans.  In honor of their facebook achivements, they’re going to be celebrating for the rest of the year… AND YOU’RE INVITED!

Starting today, they’re going to be augmenting their Facebook timeline, adding events from Assassin’s Creed history as milestones each and every day! Help them honor over two thousand years of history and hidden lore by checking back to see which secret they’ll unveil!

On top of that, they’ve assembled a Fan Kit including wallpapers, profile photos and cover images for a wide variety of social networks, so you can show everyone your affiliation with the Assassins. Below, you’ll find a link to a package full of images designed especially for this occasion. Profile photos, Facebook and Google+ cover images, desktop wallpapers, mobile phone wallpapers… virtually everything you need to cloak your digital world in Assassin’s Creed’s FIVE YEARS OF AWESOME!

Download the 5 Year Fan Kit Here: 5 Year Anniversary Fan Kit

Lastly, they’re releasing the full set of EXTENDED CUT Inside Assassin’s Creed III documentary episodes on our YouTube Channel here!

Assassin’s Creed draws a tremendous amount of its strength from the boundless energy of our fans, so now we would like to invite you to celebrate our five year anniversary with them.