Review – SNK’s The Next Space

Got a pocket full of quarters and want to head to the arcade? No need for the quarters, and no need to head out as SNK is bringing their old school arcade shooter to you.

Did the game make a successful transition from cabinet to console? Read on to find out.


Return with us now to the fabulous year of 1989. Arcades everywhere were teaming with teenagers. The raucous sounds of lasers, rockets, and Pac-Man were ringing in your ears. Arcade cabinets lined the walls just begging you to put your quarters in the slots.

In the middle somewhere you might find The Next Space. A standard two dimensional vertical scrolling shooter that owes its life to the likes of Space Invaders and Galaga. The story is simple. Pilot a spaceship, collect various speed and weapon items to take down a multitude of enemies, and restore peace to the galaxy.

Drop in some quarters (press triangle) and let’s get started. The game is simple, albeit testing at times. X is your fire button, and your rate of fire is limited only by how fast you can press it. Fast fingers are a plus here. On the screen you’ll find little orbs that change to a letter when shot. Each letter corresponds to a special weapon and picking up the letter gives you that weapon. Pressing Circle fires the special weapon.

The game is about as old school as you can get. It’s a nice throwback to a time when game play was all that really mattered. In this case, the game hit its mark. The graphics made the transition well, as the did the music. The only downfall is that a friend can’t join you, and if they can, we have no idea how to let them. The game is currently not compatible with the PS Vita, but that might change with a system update.

For a low price of $2.99, this is a mini that old school arcade enthusiasts will enjoy


Louis Edwards

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