MLB 12 The Show’s Challenge of the Week for 8/13 is a National League East Vs. West Match-up


This weeks match-up has a Pirate versus a going fishing.

Check it out after the jump.


This Week’s Challenge

A National League West versus East matchup as Hanley Ramirez faces A.J. Burnett in this week’s Challenge of the Week! The goal is easy: get as many hits and points as possible. Prize this week is a signed Adrian Gonzalez game cover.

Challenge Bonus

Protect the Plate
Foul off 5 pitches in a single strike.
Bonus: 3013 points | X 3 multiplier
Bonus Details: Valid for one Strike
Hits Required: Foul (5)
Back to the Basics
In a single out, collect a line drive, a home run and a deep fly.
Bonus: 4000 points | X 5 multiplier
Bonus Details: Valid for one Out
Hits Required: Home Run (1), Deep Fly (1), Line Drive (1)
Good luck to all!