Taurus & Eurofima Pack Coming for Railworks 3 Train Simulator 2012

A batch of new pictures of the upcoming Taurus and Eurofima carriage pack have been released.

More details, plus a video, after the jump.

Built by Siemens in Germany, the Taurus is one of the most powerful and modern locomotives on Europe’s Railways; it is produced in a one-, two- or four- system configuration and can operate almost anywhere in Europe.

Because of its versatility, high speed abilities (the 1216 series set a new world speed record for locos) and enormous power, this engine can be found all over Europe in every imaginable role, from pulling stopping passenger services and hauling heavy freight trains to pulling Europe’s newest high speed train, the Railjet.

The Taurus is the second generation of the EuroSprinter family and is based on the BR152 and BR120 of the German DB. It has a very unique sound when setting off. This has not gone unnoticed and many tourists visiting Europe by train often take time to record the sound of the Taurus when it leaves a station.

This expansion will also include Eurofima passenger carriages which form the backbone of European railway companies.

Detailed Description


  • Highly detailed external model of the one- and two-system series
  • Liveries covering three countries (Austria, Germany and Hungary)
  • Custom-built cab
  • Selectable pantographs
  • Working wipers
  • External lighting including high and dipped beam lights
  • Cab lighting
  • Sound recorded from real Taurus engines
  • Highly realistic performance based on real-world data
  • AFB System (similar to Autospeed)
  • Eurofima carriages in OEBB and SBB liveries