MLB 12 The Show’s Challenge of the Week for 7/30 is a National League Match-up


This weeks match-up pits the Cubbie’s most desired pitcher (by the Dodgers at least), against an up and coming Pittsburgh star.

Details after the jump.


This Week’s Challenge

Two of the National League’s hottest players meet as Andrew McCutchen faces Ryan Dempster in this week’s Challenge of the Week! The goal is easy: get as many hits and points as possible. Prize this week is a signed Buster Posey game cover.

Challenge Bonus

Outa Here!
Throughout the session, smash 5 home runs out of the park.
Bonus: 6500 points | X 6 multiplier
Bonus Details: Valid for one Session
Hits Required: Home Run (5)
Good Golly!
An impressive out! Collect 1 home run, 1 deep fly and 1 line drive in a single out.
Bonus: 5000 points | X 5 multiplier
Bonus Details: Valid for one Out
Hits Required: Line Drive (1), Deep Fly (1), Home Run (1)