Review-Mini SNK’s Gang Wars

SNK has released another old school classic. Is Gang Wars worth your time, or is it just a useless drive-by?

Read our review to find out.


Gang Wars is a 1989 2D, side scrolling, fighting, arcade game developed by Alpha Senshi and published by SNK.

The story takes place in 1989 in New York City, Following Mike and Jackie (Which Jackie slightly resembles Jackie Chan), two martial artists that have some kick ass moves and a plan. To stop the evil Jaguar gang led by the antagonist, who kidnapped some woman named Cynthia, and are also terrorizing the city. You must fight your way through New York to fight a number of bosses to stop crime and rescue the damsel in distress.

In Gang Wars, you can play up to two players. You can play as Mike, who knows kick-boxing, or Jackie, who know karate. To move around you use the Analog or the D-Pad. The button configuration is simple to use. X is to punch, O is to kick, Square is to jump and Triangle adds lives. A cool thing about this game is you can pick up weapons n such to use to fight with, which I find pretty awesome. When you complete each level, you have a chance to upgrade your Power, Speed, and Defense. You have to climb ladders, jump over obstacles, and defeat a number of gang members and bosses. This is a fun challenge.

Long story short, I love the game. We get games like this all the time at Terminal Gamer and when the opportunity comes up to write a review for this genre of game, I take it. We can play with our friends and enjoy ourselves over and over again. I lost count on how many times my friends and I have completed this game.

Gang Wars is one of my favorite SNK Classics and it should be yours. You can purchase Gang Wars in the PSN store for $2.99 under the category Mini’s.

Now this is my cup of Tea.


Michael Cardwell

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